At Rs 30,000 Per KG, This Himalayan Mushroom Is The Most Expensive Vegetable In The World

If you like to munch mushrooms, you would know the delicacy they are. They are not only great at taste but also carry high nutritional value. And for anyone who shares such feelings for mushrooms would want to try Gucchi mushrooms too that are the most expensive vegetable in the world.

Gucchi is a wild mushroom that is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and is priced at around Rs 30,000 for a kg. Yes, more than my savings.

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The mushrooms seek cool temperature to get in shape and home its rich flavour. Thus the cool foothills of the Himalayas, in Himachal, Uttaranchal and Jammu & Kashmir are ideal for them. 

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The high price of the mushrooms is associated with the fact that they can’t be grown and have to be collected from the wild. They usually grow in the rainy season and collecting them during the rainy season in mountainous terrains is a tough job.
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Villagers collect these mushrooms between March and May and dry them before it is shipped to the markets. Finding these mushrooms is also a tough task for they don’t grow at the same place every year.

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Once collected, the villagers have to be really careful not to damage the fragile mushrooms which are then dried over the fire to retain its texture which looks like a honeycomb. Dried Gucchi can weigh half or even less than the weight of the harvest.

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Gucchi mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin D and are rich in iron and antioxidants. They are a good vegetable to help you fight cholesterol because of the fiber they homes.

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