15 Of World’s Most Expensive Yet Useless Things That You Will Not Buy If In The Right State Of Mind

You know how we always bitch about things that we can’t own? Like literally accept that we always do. A good example would be an iPhone. You may bitch about your friend’s brand-new iPhone, but deep inside, most of us want one. Nevertheless, then there are things that literally are expensive, we do bitch about them, but we don’t wanna own a bit of them because they are of no use.

And herein we list out 15 of those expensive but useless things that you would not want to own even if given for free.

Expensive But Useless Things In The World

1. Diamond Teabag

Yes, the simplest of things in the world can also be expensive because shauk baadi cheez hai, and this $14,000 tea bag is one of them. Made in honor of the 75th anniversary of the PG Tips by jeweler company Boodles, the bag is studded with 280 diamonds. Also, it contains tea leaves inside the same. Well, yes British are serious about tea, but I never knew this serious.

Diamond Teabag

2. Diamond Contact Lenses

I guess the girl in your life would be really pissed if you bring her this $ 15,000 contact lens because first, it’s a lot of money and second, it looks scary. Trust me when someone says a diamond is a girl’s best friend, they didn’t mean this. Gold-plated and with 18 diamonds, these lenses are one of the most expensive but useless things that definitely going to give you the spark your eyes need but not the spark you want.

Diamond Contact Lenses

3. Luxury Ice Cubes

These ice cubes don’t melt or something? I have no idea but all we know is that they cost $6.5 a piece and are expensive but useless things to buy. Meaning a packet of 50 tasteless ice cubes will cost you $325. Who the hell comes up with such ideas and who are these people buying the same?

Luxury Ice Cubes

4. Gold Plated Stapler Pins

Yes, you read it right, there are these gold-plated staples that are expensive but useless things in the world I don’t know who uses them but I surely know who doesn’t. Me. Nevertheless, if you crave these gold-plated staples, they might cost you $210 for 24 pieces. And we are not friends if you spend that much money on staples.

Gold Plated Stapler Pins

5. Pizza

The world’s most expensive pizza is sold in the pizzeria of Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York. The stuffing it entertained consisted of cream fish, chive-onions, four different kinds of Petrossian caviar, the thinly sliced ​​ tail of Atlantic lobster, salmon caviar, and a little wasabi which supplemented the flavoring variety. A slice of the same is worth $125. And only Joey is spending that much on a pizza.


6. Gold Toilet Paper

The price of toilet paper surely is an expensive but useless things in the world has risen amidst the coronavirus pandemic but it is still way less than $1.38 million. That’s what you will pay for this toilet paper made up of 22-carat gold flakes, which you will only flush down the toilet.

Gold Toilet Paper

7. Designer Brick

Yes, you are thinking right. We are talking about the same brick used to make houses. The brick made by the designer company Supreme bagged an opening price of $30 in the beginning. But now, they are being sold for $4,704,000 just to build a 2400-square-foot house. And trust me they work the same as the regular bricks do and are one of the funny useless things.

Designer Brick

8. Kanye West Designed T-Shirt

$120 for a plain white t-shirt? Isn’t it Expensive but useless things to buy? How does that sound? Well, somewhere around 2013 when Kanye West introduced the same quoting it as a “designer t-shirt” people actually paid $120 for it. Like really? Even Zara will feel shy to sell the same at that price.

Kanye West Designed T-Shirt

9. “Barbecue Pork” Rock 

Rocks can be expensive agree, but $1,255 for a rock just because it looks something like a piece of meat? Well, that is not done. We didn’t find the beauty in the rock and surely that is why it is on our top 15 useless things list.

 “Barbecue Pork” Rock 

10. Designer Paper Bag

I would protest against paying Rs 10 for a paper bag at the mall and here is designer Jill Sander who sells designer paper bags for $290 apiece. Though it is stitched well and surely has a longer life than a regular paper bag, but still overpriced and is an expensive but useless things in the world.

Designer Paper Bag

11. Prada Paper Clips

These little babies, which you can get for free if you are smart enough are sold by Prada for a whopping $185 apiece. Like who these people are fooling?

Prada Paper Clips

12. Gold Cycle

Gold Cycle

For this aspect of the bicycle, you’ll need a bike lock with high security. These racing motorcycles are made by a company called Goldgenie, and they have a 24-karat gold finish. They are one of the most expensive but useless things.

13. Gold Shirt 

Gold Shirt 

You might recall that a particular Maharashtra politician and businessman gave himself a flashy gold shirt for his birthday. Well, his name is, Pankaj Tripathi, and his shirt is totally made of gold and is really unattractive.

14. Guinea Pig Armor

Guinea Pig Armor

When the vanguard fails, you are obliged to send in your covert weapon: guinea pigs. Despite how pricey it is, these berzerkers still require armor.

15. Diamond Dog Collar

Diamond Dog Collar

These incredibly expensive dog accessories are covered in thousands of diamonds and sapphires, including a 52-carat diamond. Given that your dog can’t tell the difference, it is incredibly pricey and quite useless. This is counted as the most expensive but useless thing in the world.

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