Most Streamed Event in the NFL Season

Consisting of 272 games, the National Football League has dominated American Sports Television this year. It is an 18-week-long sports event enjoyed by a massive number of sports fans across the world.

In fact, a recent study by ExpressVPN on sports streaming trends in the US showed that football still tends to be the most watched sport in America, with the weekend before the start of the NFL season getting the highest viewership.

Most Watched Event in the NFL Season

Most Watched NFL Event

If we talk about the top 22 most-watched sporting events overall, NFL’s games take over the 20 positions on the list, and we should start by learning about the top one. Download and create Mostbet account to support your favorite team.

Leaving every game behind, the Super Bowl backs the number one position among the most-watched NFL sporting events. After the Super Bowl, NFC and AFC championship games take the following two ranks as the most watched events of the season.

As mentioned before, the top 22 most-watched games have 20 from the NFL’s season, so there is more to the list. In addition to the mentioned ones, ten other post-season games and several regular-season games from January have been considered the most-watched sports games of all time.

To give you a clearer idea, let’s see specific numbers for each NFL game. You can go through them to understand the popularity of the games, which are mentioned in decreasing order below.

Super Bowl 56 Rams – Bengals99.18M
NFC Championship 49ers – Rams50.23M
AFC Championship Bengals – Chiefs47.85M
AFC Divisional Bills – Chiefs42.74M
NFC Wild Card 49ers – Cowboys41.50M
NFC Divisional Rams – Buccaneers38.14M
NFC Divisional 49ers – Packers36.92M
AFC Divisional Bengals – Titans30.75M
NFC Wild Card Eagles – Buccaneers30.37M
AFC Wild Card Steelers – Chiefs28.94M
AFC Wild Card Raiders – Bengals27.70M
Regular season (Week 17) mostly Cardinals – Cowboys (85%)26.79M
AFC Wild Card Patriots – Bills26.37M
NFC Wild Card Cardinals – Rams23.15M
Regular season (Week 18) Cowboys – Eagles20.21M
Regular season (Week 18) mostly 49ers – Rams (80%)19.31M
Regular season (Week 18) Chiefs – Broncos19.10M
Regular season (Week 17) primarily Chiefs – Bengals (45%)18.77M
Regular season (Week 17) Vikings – Packers18.55M
Regular season (Week 18) Chargers – Raiders17.69M
Regular season (Week 18) mostly Steelers – Ravens (82%)16.86M
Regular season (Week 17) mostly Rams – Ravens (55%)14.82M
Regular season (Week 18) mostly Panthers – Buccaneers (57%)14.17M
Regular season (Week 18) mostly Packers – Lions (59%)13.78M
Regular season (Week 17) Ravens – Steelers13.26M

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So, as Ms. Tedwina Mosby suggests, the Super Bowl is indeed every American’s favourite traditional sports event of all time. After all, the gang wouldn’t have liked Robin Scherbatsky sooner if it wasn’t for it.

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