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20 Most Used Google Products Without Which Our Lives Would Have Been Hard Sledding

Today is the 27th of September 2018 and for those who don’t know, today is Googles 20th birthday too.

I wish I could bring a birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of my friend, my teacher, my guide and what not. Talking about the 20 products and services offered by Google that we all use frequently is the best way to celebrate the 20th birthday of the most used search engine in the world.


google products

Google search engine Itself, whether it’s a question that needed solving for my assignments or a random thought, Google never fails to satisfy my curiosity.


google products
From work to fun if we need to share a document or images Gmail is the best service and there is no doubt about it.


google products
Work from anywhere, anytime from any device with the help of Google Doc and it’s cloud connectivity. It gets easy to work on my writing projects with the Google Doc as I no more need to download any word processor.


google products

It is fast, it is advanced and most of us carry it with us 24/7. Without Android, I can’t imagine the smartphones getting so popular. Play thousands of different games or use android apps for the productivity. Android offers something to everyone.


google products
From watching a funny video to learning how to fix your motorcycle, YouTube provides videos on everything. Also, I confess it’s a guilty pleasure but watching videos on YouTube is my favourite thing to do.


google products
Moving to a new city doesn’t feel strange anymore as I know all the places to go around because of the Google Maps. Also, did you know you can explore the surface of Mars and Moon with Google maps?


google products

It’s safe not to carry a lot of hard cash with you all the time. That’s why most of us use Tez an online money transfer and payment app by Google. If you have a friend who always asks you for money when you are in Public. Simply start using Tez (Google Pay) and tell him that you have become digital.


google products
Easy connectivity and fast response are the reasons why we all use Google Chrome as our default web browser.


google products

In the digital age, everything is shifting towards software services rather than conventional hardware products. In all this Google’s Cloud service, Google Drive is helping us to become digital. Also, because it is available for free we all use the Google drive for the safekeeping of our important documents, precious pictures and much more.


google products

To know about what’s happening around you, Google cards help you a lot. Simply swipe right on the home screen of your Android Smartphone and check all the latest news and happenings.


google products

Developed by Google, Google Translate is a multilingual machine translation service that is free to use by anyone. Although, translated sentences don’t always make sense.


google products
Supporting the right to speech, Blogger is googles way to provide everyone the right to speak. Now you can write and tell everyone about your side of the story.


google products

Google is truly trying to change the world for everyone. With the help of its Cardboard VR, anyone can experience the majestic world of Virtual Reality. I’ve tried it and believe me it’s amazing.


google products
Serves as your personal guide, Google Goggles (Google Lens) is a pretty amazing and easy to use image recognization app that you can rely upon whenever you are travelling to a new place. Simply scan the road and it will tell you all the information about that particular place.


google products

Google Transit, most of you might have never paid attention to this feature of Google. But have you ever noticed that silent notification on your mobile screen that gives you information about the traffic situation in your area or tells you when your train is leaving? Well, that is google transit, a silent but useful Google feature.


google products

Google Keeps a simple but useful app that we use to store quick notes or to make the list of grocery items.


google products

Not just to educate but Google also helps their users to earn money. Adsense is an easy program that allows many people to advertise their service and products in front of a large audience. If you have ever clicked on an advertisement while browsing a website, you have used the Adsense.


google products
Making our Imaginations come true, Google Assistant is a personal A.I. robot that stays with you all the time on your mobile phone and many other Google devices. Simply say “Okay, Google” and ask “What do you think about SIRI?” Believe me, you won’t stop laughing at the response of your new A.I. friend.


google products

Providing easy recognization to any small or big businesses, Google MyBusiness is a simple tool for business owners to manage the online presence of their business.


google products

Founded back in 2004 Orkut was the social media site run and maintained by the Google itself. It was the first website to introduce us to social media and its potential. Sadly, it is not that popular anymore but it was pretty fun back when it was launched.

By providing all the amazing features and offering answers to all our questions Google has become everyone favourite. It’s getting better every year and let’s see what else it provides us with in the future.

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