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DRS Pe DRS: Mujeeb Ur Rahman Takes DRS After ‘Third Umpire Declares Him Out’ & Twitter Is In Disbelief

Trust issues? Hell, yeah!!

While you must beware of trust issues in a relationship, but Mujeeb Ur Rahman got some on the cricket field too. And all this happened when Rahman decided to take a DRS against the ‘third umpire’ decision.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman, during the 14th over of the match, had knicked the bowl to the wicket-keeper, Johny Bairstow, behind the stumps. It was then when SRH appealed and the umpire decided to go upstairs.

The third umpire, after rolling in, rolling back, and some rolling-in again and then rolling back, finally gave the OUT decision. However, Mujeeb Ur Rahman was in no mood of heading back to the dugout so he decides to go for a DRS. Yes, a DRS within a DRS.

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Needless to say, it was a lot to digest and cricket fans were left confused. Was it a DRS within a DRS questioned many.

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As all this happened, many people came out to explain what really happened.

Actually, the umpire went up to check if Bairstow has taken a clean catch as the on-field umpire thought it was a bump catch. A bump ball in cricket is simply a ball that bumps of the ground before landing into the fielder’s hand.

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However, while checking for the bump ball, the third umpire didn’t check for ultra edge thus Rahaman choose to take DRS again.

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