Mumbai Police Does An Experiment To Stop Commuters From Honking And Results Seem Fun

People at red lights can be really stupid sometimes. You all may have noticed how, despite being aware of the fact that the signal is red, some people would continuously keep on honking as if that would make the signal turn green any faster.

Surely, the Mumbai police is also aware of the infamous habit and in an attempt to change it came up with a creative experiment. The video of the experiment was shared later by the Mumbai police on Twitter.

horn not ok please mumbai police experiment
Source – Hindustan Times

To keep the honkers in check (and irritate them a tad bit more), Mumbai police installed a decibel meter at a signal. The police then set a frequency on the meter, which they also call the punishing meter.

Source – Mumbai Mirror

The physics is, every time the set frequency is breached due to honking of the passengers, the timer on the traffic light would reset making one’s wait longer. This sends a clear message to not honk while having to wait for a valid reason.

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The video since being shared has garnered the attention of the netizens who are appreciating Mumbai police’s creative idea. The video titled “Horn not okay, please!” has been watched 88,000 times now.


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For the unaware, Mumbai is also infamously known as the “honking capital of the world.”

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