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Death Toll On A Continuous Rise Due To Mumbai Rains : Why Is It Happening?

The nation is aware of the gruesome deaths caused by Mumbai rains. Sadly, it is just the beginning. It has just been a few days and the death toll has gone up from 12 to 15. And now, the current casualties stand at 25.

Why are Mumbai rains so devastating this year?

mumbai rains

Call it a natural phenomenon or sheer bad luck, Mumbai is not going to have any relief in coming days as well. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD) department of Pune, extremely heavy rainfall over Konkan and Mumbai are to be expected in the next 24 hours.

mumbai rain water clogging

The whole reason behind it is the upper air cyclonic circulation over Gujarat that has diluted. This has caused a pressure gradient to develop over the Arabian Sea (off the Konkan coast) and the convergence over South Gujarat and North Konkan has resulted in extremely heavy rainfall.

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The repercussions are increasing

mumbai rain breaks platform

Mumbai has experienced 550 mm rainfall in last 48 hours that has lead to numerous unexpected events. It was never before in history that right with the entry of monsoon, Maharashtra government had to declare a public holiday. All the schools and colleges in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai have been closed due to rain.

Not just this, but train services and flight services are equally getting affects. However, the saddest part seems to be the increasing death toll. Water-logging and bridge crashes have added to the the deaths and intense rain still continues.

mumbai rains

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But, has this not happened before? It has, and yet Mumbai is in the same place as it was before, somehow fighting off the downpour of extreme heavy rainfall. Additionally, it keeps om coming back every year.

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Why is it happening?

mumbai rain

A few parts of Maharashtra are suffering from drought like condition while a major part is witnessing massive downpour of rain. The question is why is this happening. Mumbai is located near the sea line and its strange that rainfall isn’t getting drained naturally.

With just few hours of rain, water clogging blocks the roads and enter slums where there is no exit for water. The drainage system seems to be at fault here. And the government doesn’t seem to be equipped to solve this issue once and for all.

It is well known that Mumbai rains have always caused destruction whenever it hits. But, why isn’t the government taking proper care and harvesting rain water instead of calling navy for help. Shouldn’t there be a proper panel set to deal with this huge problem that Mumbai faces each year?

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In Conclusion:

Time will tell if the government is really interested in improving the condition of Mumbai. Because clearly, with each passing year the number of mis-happenings due to rain are increasing. And government does nothing but declares holiday and closes down flight and train services.

But everyone knows, that isn’t the solution. The problem of Mumbai rains is crucial and still awaits a proper solution.

Do you have any ideas that can help fix this once and for all??

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