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Man Murdered In Broad Daylight In Hyderabad, Again – Video Went Viral

Recently, a video went viral on social media – a man being murdered in broad daylight on busy streets of Hyderabad. Ring a bell?

If you remember, a few months back, a man was killed by an axe, on Hyderabad streets in a similar fashion. And here we are again.

Following the same stereotype of gruesome attacks, another man suffered the same fate by getting stabbed to death in the middle of a busy street. Bystanders watched this gruesome attack and did nothing except capture the incident on their phones.

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What has happened?

man murdered in broad daylight

This merciless killing took place on Madina crossroads, in the old city of Hyderabad. And just so you know, it is one of the busiest roads in the city.

The victim Shakeer Quereshi, a mutton shop owner was murdered in a personal fight that involved a man named Khaja. Quereshi also used to give auto’s for rent and had a dispute with Abdul Khaja.

According to the police report, these men had an argument over the fare of auto, that Khaja’s relative had rented from Shakeer Quereshi. As Qureshi was a butcher, he had a sharp knife with him at the time of the incident. The debate soon turned into a heated fight and the inevitable happened.

man murdered in broad daylight

This gruesome murder occurred on Wednesday around 7:15 pm. A traffic police constable was present at the crime scene when this happened. He was alone and unarmed, still, he attempted to intervene but was threatened away by the murderer. As a precaution, to keep himself and others safe, he even alerted the control room and the local police station about the incident.

The police arrived, but by then, the man was killed.

After committing murder, Khaja spoke to media persons and confessed that he wanted to compromise and sort out the matter of rent peacefully. But as Qureshi had brought a knife with him and abused his family, Khaja lost his temper and attacked.

He used the victim’s knife to slit his throat.

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In Conclusion:

Currently, Khaja is in police custody under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code for Qureshi’s murder.

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This is the second such incident that has happened in the city during broad daylight. Seems like Hyderabad doesn’t care about the law anymore. I mean, how can the residents of Hyderabad be so casual with such gruesome incidents happening so often?

Whatever it be, it raises a serious concern about the law and order of the city. And the authorities should take some strong actions about it, otherwise, Hyderabad would soon become a place no one would want to visit anymore.

Watch the merciless killing here:

Additionally, if this continues, will people of Hyderabad ever feel safe while roaming around on busy streets? 
I seriously doubt that. 

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