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Lesser- Known Mythical Ghosts Of Asia That Can Totally Haunt You

The largest continent on earth is Asia.

So, naturally, the list of ghosts roaming around on this continent is an exhaustive one. Do you have any idea how many ghosts and spirits and all different sort of monsters are believed to exist in this part of the world?

Don’t worry if you don’t. Halloween has just passed and now that everyone is over with the craze of werewolf and witches, let me take you through the list of ghosts in Asia. Because hey, you should know your regional ghosts too, right?

South Asia

Nale Ba

After the release of movie ‘Stree’, most of you know about this urban legend that hails from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This is the most ‘Dumb spirit’ ever.

The myth goes “a witch roams the streets in the night and knocks the door. The witch apparently speaks in the voice of your kin so you would open the door. But if you open it, you die.” So the residents came up with a smartass plan of writing “Nale Ba” i.e. ‘Come tomorrow’ outside the doors and the walls of their house. So when she reads it, she goes back to come again the next day and the cycle repeats. How dumb is that!


Pishachas are flesh-eating demons in Hindu mythology.

The legend describes them as the sons of either Krodha  “Anger” or as Dakṣa’s daughter, Piśāca. They have been described to have a dark complexion with bulging veins and protruding, red eyes. And they are also believed to have their own languages, known as Paiśāci. Damn, their own language! These demons do have swag, don’t they?


These guys are invisible to the human eye, but some believe that in certain mental states you can see them (maybe when you are stoned or something)

They appear to be human-like but have sunken, mummified skin, narrow limbs, enormously distended bellies, and long, thin necks. But, they eat like they are at the highest level of munchies, ALL THE TIME. Which is why, they have enormous appetites that are signified by their gigantic bellies, but a very limited ability to satisfy those appetites, symbolized by their slender necks.


These guys are super cool. Reason? These beings are givers of whatever is desired. No kidding.

They work for Kuber, who is the Hindu god of wealth. And since we all know that he is rich AF, he has given Yakshas and Yakshinis the Tantraraja Tantra, which gives them the power to give whatever you ask for. On the other hand, Yakshinis are usually benevolent, but there might be a few with malevolent characteristics as well. So, be a little careful if you happen to run into one.



Banjhākri is a shamanic deity in the tradition of the Tamang people of Nepal.

He is a short, wild, simian trickster who is a descendant of the Sun. But his ears are large and his feet point backward, making him look creepy as hell. Additionally, he has long, matted hair that covers his entire body, except for his face and palms. He plays a golden dhyāngro(a sort of drum played by Nepali jhākri.) to find human children who have the potential to be great shamans and takes them back to his cave for training. Interested?


She is downright bitch. Unlike Banjhākri, she doesn’t teach children to become great shamans, she eats them whole.

Banjhākrini is both ghost-like and humanoid. She has long hair on her head with long, pendulous breasts, and backward-pointing feet. She is usually described as bloodthirsty and brutal. And hey, she also carries a symbolic golden sickle. Maybe to pick her teeth after she has gulped down a child. Who knows?


This one is a cliched sprit. The one that we all have heard of before.

Generally, they haunt a particular location. They appear as an alluring and young female, who lures a lonely male traveler and ends up draining of their life. According to sightings, they have unusually long black hair, pale and bony complexion and dressed up in a white attire. And of course, their feet are faced backward. And I guess you already know what to do if you see a white saree clad lady in the middle of nowhere.



A woman who dies during childbirth or pregnancy or due to suffering at the hands of her in-laws will come back as a Churel to seek revenge, particularly targeting the males in her family.

The Churel is mostly described as extremely ugly and hideous (quite obvious) but she has the power to shape-shift and disguise herself as a beautiful woman to lure men to the mountains where she either kills them or sucks up their virility, turning them into old men. So, make sure you don’t fall for this sexy bitch.

Pichal Peri

She seems to be the cousin of Churel.

According to the legends, she too has similar characteristics. She appears to be a beautiful lady with backward pointing feet but there is one difference though. The witnesses claim that they have seen her morph into a demonic creature that is twenty feet tall with a long face, long fingers, hunchback, bloodied clothes, large circular eyes and messy hair that covers most of her face. Wanna meet one?

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Southeast Asia

ChinaHungry ghost

As the name suggests, these mofos are always hungry.

But they don’t just eat, they are driven by intense emotional needs, that too, in an animalistic way. They are so popular that a festival called the Hungry Ghost Festival is held during the 7th month of the Chinese calendar. Food and drinks are put out to satisfy their needs and to honor the hungry ancestor ghost.


According to Chinese tradition, Mogwai is a demon, which often inflicts harm on humans.

They reproduce sexually during mating seasons which is triggered by the coming of rain. Supposedly, they take care to breed at these times because rain signifies rich and full times ahead. He leads people to sin, misdeeds, and self-destruction. My advice, ‘Stay away from this perverted son a gun.’

Vengeful ghost

These ghosts are simply the spirit of a dead person who returns from the afterlife to seek revenge for a cruel, unnatural or unjust death.

In certain cultures, people believe that if funeral and burial or cremation ceremonies are not carried out properly, the person returns as vengeful spirits. They are known to scare the shit out people who were cruel to them. You better watch out how you treat your people, eh?

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This spirit is confusing as hell. No one really knows how does it look.

Some refer to it as a wilderness spirit like the Kui which looks like “one-legged mountain demon”, a water spirit like the long  “dragon”, a fever demon like the yu “poisonous 3-legged turtle that causes malaria” and a graveyard ghost. Then, there are references which says that he is an earth demon that eats the livers or brains of corpses and a man-eating demon that resembles a 3-year-old brown child with red eyes, long ears, and beautiful hair.


Yaoguai’s are the most malevolent animal spirits of all. They are often called fallen celestial beings.

Though one thing is cool about them, i.e. they have acquired magical powers through the practice of Taoism. The evil ones are usually referred to as guài in Chinese. Their greatest goal is achieving immortality, which is done by abduction and consumption of a holy man. Eewww!!



Most often depicted as ugly, fierce-looking and enormous creatures, with two fangs protruding from the top of the mouth and having sharp, claw-like fingernails.

They are mean and always keep growling like beasts. With insatiable cannibal instincts, they can smell the scent of human flesh. Some of the more ferocious ones have flaming red eyes and hair. And oh, they love drinking blood with their palms or from a human skull.


The nats are good spirits worshipped in Myanmar. They are not something that people are afraid of.

They are considered more of guardian spirits who guide people into a better form of living.  Altogether, there are 37 Great Nats and all the rest are the earthly spirits.(i.e., spirits of trees, water, etc.). Almost all of the 37 Great Nats were human beings, who met violent deaths and are worshipped till date in most regions of Myanmar.

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In Burmese mythology, Thayé’s are the deceased evil people who are condemned to be disembodied spirits.

They are usually tall, dark people with huge ears, long tongues, and tusk-like teeth. According to legends, these ghosts enter towns at noon or at night and cause minor illnesses. But they are said to have many faces and bodies. It might be possible for a Thayé to look like a pregnant ghost with a fat white body and big ears while others might appear to be tall and slim, male, or whatever the phuk they feel like.



These ghosts are daywalkers. And appear like humans.

The strange part is that they can also be befriended. They can talk to you like any normal human and even laugh or cry, get angry and sad, get hurt/humiliated and feel shy and envious. These ghosts do not harm their friends and neighbors and exempt them from their target victims for food. But if you are in his bad books, they will find you and they will kill you. Period.


This one is a vampire-like mythical ghost of the Philippines, who is known to be a malevolent, man-eating and blood-sucking monster or witch.

They look scary AF, are often hideous and usually appear as females. The freakiest part, they are always capable of severing their upper torso and sprouting huge bat-like wings to fly into the night in search of its victims. Damn, are you kidding me?


The Tiyanak is a vampiric creature in Philippine mythology that imitates the form of a child.

It is known to take the form of a newborn baby and cries like one in the jungle to attract unwary travelers. Once it is picked up by the victim, it reverts to its true form and attacks the victim. It is also depicted to take malevolent delight in leading travelers astray, or in abducting children.

I hope you sleep well tonight, knowing that there are these many ghosts roaming around. I mean, they could be, right?
That’s all the creepiness I could bind in one page. 
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