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14 Countries Whose National Animals Are Mythical Creatures

So, you all know that every country has its own national animal, right? At least you know yours. LoL.

I mean, even I wasn’t aware of all of them. But while talking to a friend about the national animal of ‘Bhutan’, which is a dragon, by the way, I came to wonder how many countries actually had a mythical creature as their national animal?

Soon, I found out that indeed,

there are a few countries which still have the coolest mythical national animals.

Now, before I sink into the Imaginarium of my creative thoughts to wonder what the world would be like, with those majestic beings alive, you need to check out the mythical national animals of these countries-

1. Austria- Austrian Bundesadler “Federal Eagle”

mythical national animals

The Austrian flag resembles a federal eagle which as in many cultures is also a Mythical Creature. The national flag that recalls the legacy of the nation hosts an eagle drawn on it, and as per many cultures eagles are seen as a connection between mankind and celestial deities.

2. Belgium – Leo Belgicus “Belgic lion”

mythical national animals

The national flag of Belgium resembles Leo Belgicus, which is in the shape of a lion. In Greek Mythology, Leo was the name of a Nemean Lion which was killed by Hercules. Leo resembles the properties of strong, ambitious, focused and practical.

3. Bhutan- Druk  “Thunder Dragon”

mythical national animals

In Tibetan and Bhutanese mythology Druk is a thunder dragon, a mythological creature with great strength and will. The druk which Bhutan’s flag hosts wear jewels representing great wealth.

4. China- Chinese dragon

mythical national animals

Loong, long or lung are other names of the Chinese Dragon which the National Flag of China hosts. Chinese have pure faith in dragons as mythical creatures. As per their beliefs, these Dragons lived on Earth a thousand years ago for Centuries.

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5. Czech Republic – Double-tailed lion

mythical national animals

The Czech Republic hosts a double-tailed lion on their National Flag which resembles the presence of supernatural power. Hence, the flag with a silver lion shining symbolises courage, nobility, royalty, strength, stateliness and valour.

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6. Germany – Bundesadler “Federal Eagle”

mythical national animals

Same as the Austrian Flag, the National Flag of Germany also hosts a Federal Eagle, which is a mythical creature symbolising a link between mankind and celestial entities. Also, the Federal Eagle is the National bird of Germany.

7. Greece – Phoenix

mythical national animals

Phoenix is the most popular and significant creature among all the mythological creature families. Greece’s national flag hosts a Phoenix which symbolises life, death, resurrection and immortality. Furthermore, in Greek and Egyptian mythology Phoenix is linked with Sun God.

8. Hungary – Turul “Falco cherrug”

mythical national animals

As per Hungarian tradition and Turkic traditions, Turul is a bird of prey which most commonly resembles a falcon. Hungary’s national flag hosts a Turul or Falco Cherrug symbolising freedom, intuition, and bravery.

9. Indonesia– Garuda 

mythical national animals

In Hindu mythology, Garuda is described as a deity who is a vehicle of Lord Vishnu and the king of all the birds. The Indonesian flag hosts a Garuda symbolising Earth and Heaven.

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10. North Korea- Chollima

mythical national animals

Famous in East Asian Mythology, Chollima is a mythical horse which North Korea has hosted on its National flag. This creature originated from the Chinese classics.

11. Russia- Double-headed eagle (Traditional Coat of Arms)

mythical national animals

Russia hosts double-headed eagles, which first originated during 3800 BC in the mighty Sumerian city of Lagash, which symbolises the god of Lagash, Ninurta son of Enlil.

12. Serbia- White eagle

mythical national animals

Serbia hosts a white eagle on their national flag which is one of the famous mythical creatures talked about in legendary tales of Ancient Greece.

13. UK- Unicorn (Scotland)

mythical national animals

Unicorn is the most famous mythical creature about which every kid knows. The UK decided to host the Unicorn on their National Flag which symbolises purity, innocence and power.

14. UK- Y Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon Wales)

mythical national animals

Y Ddraig Goch or the Welsh Dragon is one of the mythical creatures which is displayed on the National Flag of Wales. The Wales kingdom decided to host red dragons on their flags to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

In Conclusion:

Imagine national animals that looked like creatures straight out of the movie ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’. I would cry out of happiness if that much magic was in the air. Just saying.  But just think for a moment, wouldn’t it be super cool to watch a lion with wings? Or a majestic horse with two heads?

I know, I know. The world would be such an interesting place! Right? Ok, enough dreaming, let’s get back to reality. Shall we?

Btw, before you go, which mythical creature stole your heart? Let me know. 

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