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NASA Shares Striking Picture of a Spiral Galaxy leaves Cybernauts Awe-struck

On March 11, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have shared a fabulous picture of a spiral galaxy. This picture has left the netizens enthralling. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shared some pictures on its official Instagram account.

As per the NASA blog post, the M91 is one among the thousand galaxies which make up the Virgo cluster — a set of different galaxies which are gravitationally bound to each other. The post also discloses that M91 to be an anaemic galaxy, meaning that it has a lower rate of star formation in comparison to other spiral galaxies. Further details about the spiral galaxy are given below.

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Some unseen pictures shared by NASA:

Source: Mashable India
Source: Mashable India
Source: Business Insider India

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