NASA Needs Your Help In ‘Digging’ The ‘Moon’, And There Is A Prize Money For That

World’s premier space agency NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration ) needs your help. Recently the American space agency called to the public to help them design an obstacle avoidance sensor. That was for it’s ‘Venus mission’.

However, this time NASA has called for the public help for its ‘Moon Mission’. The space agency has invited the public to design a robot that can dig on the moon. The aim behind asking for public help is to get better ideas than the one it already has.


The participants are not required to design a robot from scratch. Rather NASA wants you to design a portion of the robot called ‘bucket drum’. The ‘bucket drum’ would capture the regolith (lunar soil) and keeps it from falling out. The space agency has thrown a Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot or RASSOR Bucket Drum Design Challenge.

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The challenge is open till 20th April, 2020. Candidates can submit their designs. The details about which are there on NASA’s website. At the end of the contest, submitted designs would be judged on a host of criteria including ‘width of the scoops, bucket drum mass, diameter and length, volume, etc. Top 5 entries would get a total prize of $7,000. So, if you got the idea go for it.

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