NASA Shares What Sunset Looks Like On Different Planets, And It’s Simply Beautiful

We all, once in our lives, have been out there to behold the mesmerising natural phenomenon that sunsets are. However, considering the fact that we can literally watch them happening every day, sunsets have become something normal.

So to make it more exciting for you, NASA recently shared a video showcasing what sunsets would look like on differnet planets. NASA sunset simulator, which has been created by Geronimo Villanueva, has created an animation for you to behold.

Source – Devian Art

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Villanueva first came up with the animation while building a computer modeling tool for a possible future mission to Uranus. The result was a “lovely palette of colors” that would actually be visible to anyone standing on these planets at the time of sunset.

Source – Inverse

Sunsets On Different Planets

Then NASA then complied these visuals to showcase what sunset would look like from Earth Venus, Mars, Uranus, and even Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

The results show that sunset on Mars, for instance, appears more blueish due to the Martian dust particles help the blue colour scatter more effectively. One on Uranus is“a rich azure that fades into royal blue with hints of turquoise.” 

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Similarly, a sunset in Uranus gets it colours from the presence of hydrogen, helium and methane in the atmosphere.

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