Pictures: NASA’s New E-book Shows How Earth Has Looked At Night In Years Went By

To give us a glimpse of how endearingly beautiful Earth can look from space, NASA has released a new e-book with images of the earth taken from space at night.

The book, ‘Earth At Night,’ contains more than 150 stunning images of our planet in darkness.

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As per NASA, the Ebook is a collection of images taken by Earth-observing satellites over the past 25 years. The motive of the book is to highlight how humans have illuminated earth after the discovery of the light bulb.

“These images paint an expansive and revealing picture, showing how humans have illuminated and shaped the planet in profound ways since the invention of the light bulb 140 years ago,” reads an excerpt from Earth At Night’.

Aesthetically, these images also showcase how natural phenomena like lighting or volcanic eruptions have lightened and brightened the world over the years.

“The images reveal how human activity and natural phenomena light up the darkness around the world, depicting the intricate structure of cities, wildfires and volcanoes raging, auroras dancing across the polar skies, moonlight reflecting off snow and deserts, and other dramatic earthly scenes,” writes NASA.

Besides pictures, the book also dwells into facts about why these images matter. NASA says that these images will help you understand how the planet has changed over the years.

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“The book is a compilation of stories depicting the interactions between science and wonder. I am pleased to share this visually stunning and captivating exploration of our home planet.”

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