National Pollution Control Day: Ways Through Which You Can Contribute At Individual Level

The day of 2nd December which marks the anniversary of the horrific Bhopal Gas tragedy where hundreds of people lost there lives is commemorated as National Pollution Control Day each year.

At a time when pollution has become a major deterrent in the path of a healthy life controlling it has become a necessity rather than being a choice. This requires efforts at all levels be it micro or macro. While we pressurize and blame the government and its agencies for controlling the pollution it is our responsibility as well to do our bit.

With that though we bring to you ways through which you can contribute to control pollution with some efforts at the individual level. Check them out.

Avoid Plastic At All Cost

This might have been told to you many times through public announcements and government released advertisement but you are still not paying heed to it. Plastic is the most deadliest and notorious of the pollutants.

While it stays in the environment for years it kills animals like cows who take it in along with food and causes threat to marine life. It also clogs holes and drainage resulting in over-flow. The great pacific patch in the pacific ocean is a great example of how excessive and continued use of plastic creates long-term problems.

Manage And Dispose Off Your E-Waste Effectively

In a technology-driven world, we are surrounded by electronic devices that have eased our life. However, their ineffective disposal and management is something that is creating issues for us.

E-waste like old smartphones, monitors, T.Vs etc contain elements like Mercury, Lead, Molybdenum that are cancer-causing and poisonous. Throwing them off and selling it off to ‘Kabadiwalas’ is not an option. Submit them off at the E-waste collection center where proper handling of it takes place.

Opt For Public Transport And Shared Commuting

This is the easiest way you can contribute your bit in cutting down the vehicular and air pollution. Public transports like Metros offer a comfortable and easy way for day to day commuting.

If you do not like the idea of public transport then there is always an option for shared commuting by car pooling, bike pooling, shared taxis, etc. Choose the mode you like and be an active member of the pollution control brigade.

Wash Your Car In The Lawn

While this might sound like a strange thing to you but it actually helps in reducing the pollution. Washing your car in a lawn rather than a driveway can reduce pollutants from entering the ecosystem.

A variety of pollutants and detergents are rinsed from your vehicle during washing. By parking your car on the lawn the plants in your lawn can limit the amount of these pollutants that enter into the street drain and then to streams and lakes. Plants will uptake the chemicals and reduce the pollutants that make it to the streams.

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Use Bicycles

No, we are not asking you to commute to the workplace by using a bicycle. All we are saying is to use a bicycle as and when possible. This would be beneficial in two ways. First, it would reduce the pollution and second it would add a healthy habit to your lifestyle.

You can opt for a bicycle to move in and around your residence say for getting groceries, vegetables, having a street snack, etc.

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