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Nations On The Earth That Are Non-Existent For The Rest Of The World

If I ask you how many nations are there in the world, what would be your answer? Probably you would say somewhere between 190 to 200. What if I tell you that the number goes beyond this range? Surprised right?

Well, officially there are 195 nations (as per membership of United Nations)  in the world. However, there are many who fall outside this list. Yes, we are talking about nations that are there on the globe but are non-existing for the rest of the world.



Interested in knowing more about them, then check out this list of some of the “non-existing” nations of the world that we have brought for you.

Principality of Sealand

No, not Vatican city but this country happens to be the smallest in terms of area in the world. With a total area of just around 0.004 Sq Km, this nation came to existence in the year 1967.



In actual, the country is nothing but the HM Fort Roughs or the Roughs tower constructed by U.K. during the 2nd World War. Seen from a distance the country is nothing more than a raised platform in the midst of the British waters.

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Republic Of South Ossetia

The nation-state of South Ossetia lies at the border of Georgia and Russia. Having fought a successful war against Georgia in 1991-92 the nation came into existence. Russia is a major player behind the emergence of this nation from Georgia.



In 2008 Russia formally recognized independence of South Ossetia and Georgia passed a resolution against Russia’s holding of the breakaway region.

Principality of Hutt River

This is probably one of the most important interesting story of the birth of a nation. Located at a distance of around 500 Kms from the Western Australian State of Perth Principality of Hutt River is a nation of just one family.



Leonard Casley created the country in 1970 having been in conflict with a piece of legislation issued by the Western Australian Government regulating the wheat production. The country houses the family of Casley and has a mere 23 residents and has its own currency and passport.

Republic of Lakotah

Located in North America this one is a proposed state which is still fighting for its Independence. The root of the nation goes back to 1851 when the Lakota (a native American Tribe) people signed around 33 treaties with the US government.



In 2007 the Lakota people renounced those treaties and called for the creation of a free Independent land of there own.

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Murrawarri Republic

Like the Principality of Hutt River, this one is also a nation-state that has emerged out of Australia. The nation has came into existence just 6 years back in 2013. The territory of the nation includes areas at New South Wales Queensland border in Australia.



Australian government doesn’t recognize the independence of the state and the people of the region have requested the Queen of England for recognition of their sovereignty.


Do you know any other such “non-recognized” nation? If yes, then do share the info with us.

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