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Natural Foods That Are Rumored To Help Lose Weight

Morning walk, cycling, intense workout, diet goals, hopping into gyms, we try almost everything to lose extra pounds.

Either by hook or crook we want to lose weight.  The globalization in food industry plays a very big role in the taste and preferences especially among the youth.

I personally feel the more people are becoming fancier in their eating habits, the more they are bound to fail in losing weight.

Moreover, thanks to the society which always adds up to the belief that being slim is highly desirable rather than being plump which is continuously giving rise to various food myths.


pineapple juice

When I started my gym, I remember everyone talking about the benefits of pineapple juice in weight reduction. But as per the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, it is a myth that any single food, let alone pineapple juice, can help you burn fat and lose weight. Even I tried myself for a decent time period but hardly found any effect on my body considering weight. Though it do contains vitamins and minerals but has no components which targets weight loss.



Has your instructor also suggested you to include brown breads in your die?

Though, brown bread surely contains high fiber and carbs, it doesn’t really helps in losing weight. Since it is a great source of carbs, our stomach feels full for a longer duration and thus consuming less quantity of meal overall. In addition to this, there are various constituents in brown bread which makes its sugar level same as the white bread. Thus, there is no guarantee that the brown bread you are consuming with the hope of weight loss is really fruitful or not.


coffee sipping woman

Initially, coffee can help in increasing your metabolism by giving you an instant kick of energy however the process is not successful in longer run. Because of the increased metabolism, you do end up putting better efforts in your regular physical workout. But since, coffee being a little addictive in nature, one can easily get addicted to it and increased doses can led to some serious health issues  like high blood pressure, sleeplessness, heart attacks. So, I personally don’t suggest anyone to trust coffee as it probably have more bad effects on our body.


honey dripping

Trainers usually suggest adding honey to the regular diet to help lose weight. Though as a natural antibiotic, honey do have various health benefits for body. Still, it actually cannot contribute in weight loss. Furthermore it contains 75% sugar (Glucose & Fructose), 25% water. And due to the high quantity of sugar it can actually increase weight by increasing blood sugar.


athletic woman drinking water

The most prominent component for the body which help us in keeping hydrated and refreshed. If you are aiming at weight loss water can be considered as impotent. While it can help you squelch an extra portion of your regular diet, which can only help you in consuming less. Water mere can help in conquering petty heath issues especially in summers but it hardly possess any connection in losing weight.

A healthy body and mind is the real treasure of life so it’s very important to achieve a healthy lifestyle with decent exercises, diets and a little patience.

Have you also been consuming anything that should help in weight reduction? Share with us in the comments.


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