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9 Soothing Natural Sounds That Will Put You To Sleep In No Time

With the immense hustle-bustle going on in today’s world, there is noise and chaos everywhere. That constant honking of vehicles, ever-drilling machines, engines roaring, people fighting, children squabbling- the list goes on and on.

Sometimes, it just gets on to your nerves and all you wanna do is mute this, and drift off to someplace peaceful.

Most of you end up either taking shelter in the comfort of your favorite “High” and somehow sleep or dry off your eyes by being constantly on social media and somehow doze off. While some of you even travel to a quiet and peaceful hill station to get away from the madness or choose to listen to your favorite track.

But, have you ever wondered that there are some sounds that naturally pour a sense of tranquility in this melancholic environment? And no, I am not talking about any artist or any special song that will fill your soul and drench your eyes with a sweet sleep.

Nature has some magical sounds which have a soothing effect to the power 1000 when compared with any sleep track. You know that feeling of clear-headed calm that washes over you when you listen to water babbling down a stream, or leaves rustling in the wind?

Here are 9 of nature’s magical sounds that will help you experience that “PEACE” in an amazingly different way-

1. Raindrops

When those raindrops drizzle from the heaven’s above, it doesn’t just drop down. The sound it creates is as magical as the view. You must have felt that whenever it rains, everything just appears more beautiful than it was before. The greenery amplifies and the dust settles, and so does the turmoil. Every other useless noise just comes to halt. All you can hear is the comforting sound of rain. Try listening to a recording of rain the next time you are trying to sleep.(Trust me, it will work wonders)

2. Sound of wind

Ever closed your eyes and just soaked in what the wind is trying to say? If not, try it. The next time you visit a hill station, or just climb to the roof of your apartment when it’s windy. Open your arms and close your eyes. I bet that the feeling you experience will be heavenly. And in case, you don’t have (a) a tall building or (b) you can’t visit a hill-station, you can try searching for wind soundtracks. Put on your headphones and fly high.

3. Waterfall

You must have visited a waterfall in your life. If you have, you know the sound of it. And if you haven’t, you are missing on a great deal in terms of experiencing nature’s best sounds. The sound of those thousands of gallons of water dropping down at an amazing speed is something you can’t experience anywhere else. There are recordings of the sound of a waterfall easily available, in case you can’t take out time to visit one.

4. Sea waves

OK, now this is something you all love. Undoubtedly, this is one of those nature’s melody that makes everyone go crazy. All of you who have ever been to Goa (or even Mumbai for that matter) must have had the experience of this natural healer. It works best when you actually are at the beach, but in case the beach is like 20,0000000 million km away from your place, you can listen to the recording and get the feel at least.

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5. Crickets chirping

I know you hate insects, I get it. I do too. But you don’t have to hold one, to hear one. If you have camped outdoors or stayed a night in a village, you can relate to the melodious chirps of those eeney-meeny crickets. They play the most outrageous orchestra of the top and low notes simultaneously. You will literally hear them go all at once and lower it down, to begin back again with a bang. This continues until you doze off in heavy sleep. (coz that’s how they work)

The next time you are tossing and turning try listening one of the chirps for relaxation. And thank me later.

6. Birds singing

Tell me, when you wake up in a hilly resort amidst the mountains and clouds what do you hear?

You don’t wake up to the horrifying sound of the alarm that tells you that you are gonna be F-ing late to work, instead you wake up to the singing of birds. Sadly, you don’t get that feeling if you live right in the heart of the city.

But hey, you can have a cheat code, can’t you? Just buy a pair of those adorable love-birds or download a soundtrack of the chirping of birds. You are sorted both ways.

7. Leaves rustle in the wind.

Apart from the ones that you have heard in horror movies, the rustling of leaves sounds way more relaxing in reality. Just don’t relate it with anything scary. Close your eyes and dive into the sound of dry leaves being blown away softly by the winds. If you are lucky to have a park around your area, you can get a first-hand experience. But in case, you don’t, there is another way. I understand, it can be hard to find a real case scenario, so, just search it on YouTube and go for it. It will have the same effect if you visualize a scene while hearing the sound.

8. The sound of a crackling fire

Might sound strange, but if you’ve ever camped with a bonfire, you can instantly imagine the sound I am referring to. When the wood cracks and the coal breaks apart there is a distinct sound that fills the place with an unspoken warmth. Even if you can’t see, you can still feel a sense of comfort when you hear this sound. It’s a matter of fact if you hear this sound before bed, within minutes you will drift to one of the most peaceful sleep you’ve had in years. Try it tonight.

9. The sound of a gentle stream

There is only one word that truly defines the feeling when you hear a stream gently flowing. That word is ‘mesmerizing’. When you hear the soft sound of water gliding over the rocks, it tends to calm down your senses. There, now you know the secret why most of the residents from a mountain area are calm and composed. It’s because they are exposed to the natural therapy of sound every day and they don’t even know its working miracle for them. Whatever be the case, you can benefit yourself by trying in on yourself.

Try these and let me know how did you feel.  And oh, don’t forget to drop in which one is your favorite?

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