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Here Are The 4 Easy And Natural Ways To Improve Immune System Of Your Kids

Weak immunity system can make your kid fall sick very easily. No matter how hard you can try and protect them from germs on the floor, door knobs, they still end up getting sick.

But for how long?

As your kid grows up, they are surrounded by more and more germs and bacteria. Places like play school, playground, and the daycare centers are not as good as you in maintaining proper hygiene.

What’s the real problem?

Taking medication is not the solution to make sure they won’t fall sick every other day. Antimicrobial resistance is a widespread public health problem in which microbes start to grow better and develop a resistance around the medications.

This makes it hard for antibiotics to do their work. Kid’s with a weak immune system can easily get sick due to the various types of infections present in the air. This can lead to excessive use of antibiotic which ultimately causes a public health problem of antimicrobial resistance.

But don’t worry here are 4 natural ways to improve immune system of your kids.

1. Healthy balanced diet

Natural Ways To Improve Immune System

Making sure that your kid is getting all the fundamental nutrients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, and unsaturated fats will make sure that your kid’s body can grow a healthy immune system.

Food items such as citrus fruits, strawberry, carrots, green leafy vegetables, beans, yogurt, garlic, and ginger are considered as one of the natural ways to improve immune system.

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2. Not getting enough Sleep

Natural Ways To Improve Immune System

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Lack of sleep weakens the immune system, that makes your kid vulnerable to different types of infections present in the air. Adequate sleep is required for the recovery of your body, if your kid is not getting enough sleep it won’t just make their immune system weak but also make them stressed.

A newborn requires at least 18 hours of sleep while a pre-school kid requires a sleep of 10 hours. This will help them make their immune system strong and stay away from sickness.

3. Hygiene

Natural Ways To Improve Immune System

A good habit of hygiene can help your kid to develop a better immune system. Usually, the infection gets inside your body through your mouth. Also, kids are very careless so it’s you who has to make sure that they practice hygiene.

That’s why it is important for you to teach your kid all the good hygiene habits such as washing hand before eating, after playing or after patting the dog or any animal.

4. Natural Supplements

Natural Ways To Improve Immune System

Cold, fever and headache are quite common during the changing season, not just kids but even the adults with weak immune system happen to get sick at this time.

Adding natural herbal supplements like Chyawanprash can be a good choice. Chyawanprash is a natural herbal supplement that offers a number of good health benefits that includes improving the immunity system of your body.

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In Conclusion:

Your immune system plays a very important role inside your body. It usually gets weak with age. But in case your kid is falling sick every now and then, a weak immune system might be the cause.

Try above mentioned natural ways to improve immune system and make sure they don’t fall sick easily.

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