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Are You Naturally Fat? Here Are The Actual Reasons Behind It

Are you fat? Are you overweight? But do you think that your bad habits and irregular lifestyle are the only reason that has caused this extra layer of fat in your body?

Actually, you are wrong. This might come to you as a shock but the reason you have a fat body has nothing to do with your habits.


I know, nowadays, the mannequin figure is in demand. And it means that you should have a perfectly carved and shaped up body, or you will be looked down upon.

But wait, if you think you are the reason behind you being naturally fat, you need to read the real reasons behind it. Here they are-

1. It’s your ancestors who need to be blamed


Your ancestors evolved during treacherous times. At that time there wasn’t enough food and they had to go on without eating for days. Whenever they got their hands on food, they used to eat till they dropped. They ate to their heart and stomachs content because they never knew when are they going to find food next.

You must be wondering how does that affect your body. Well, it was during that time a human body evolved too. Whenever they got something to eat, the body started storing fat for those days when there was no availability of food. And ever since, it is hard-wired to store energy in the form of fat for those days when you might not have anything to eat.

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2. Now you get food…Well, everywhere


Since then, the times have changed a lot. Now you can get food almost everywhere. And even if you don’t have anything to eat at an instant, you can order it and it will be delivered at your doorstep. So, now the availability of food is in abundance.

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But your body still works the same way, in an ancient way. It still thinks that each time you are eating, you might not get food for a very long time. So, it stores fat in any place that it can find. Staring from your stomach, thigs, shoulders, legs and before you know it, you become fat. Not your fault though. It’s just your body preparing for a famine.

3. The new culture is to be blamed


You have no idea how hard was the life of your ancestors. For a small morsel of food, they used to walk miles. They used to hunt and forage for fruits and animals. But today, you will find a whole new culture developed around one and only – FOOD. You can’t even imagine the variety of food available worldwide.

Whenever you want to celebrate, it about high calorie, high-fat content food and you enjoy eating it as well. But you forget that while you are enjoying, your body is preparing for a never coming famine and storing fat wherever possible. So, you enjoy and your body fills the reserve to make you naturally fat.

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4. The food pleasure is deeply rooted


Since ancient times, food was a form of pleasure. Your ancestors always made it a point to make the food tasty and relate it with pleasure. You can understand this by answering a  simple question. Do you feel happy after eating something, even when you are not hungry? Like after your lunch, you feel happier if you ate an ice-cream, right?

It’s the same way with your body. So, whenever you eat your mind feels good. But unlike the old days, you don’t forage for food at all. It’s all freely available. So, your brain prepares for future but your body doesn’t work in present and there, your slimness goes for a toss and you become naturally fat. But, in the end, it’s not your fault.

5. The hunger hormones


Do you know that there are hunger hormones that get secreted by your brain? These hormones are known as – leptin and ghrelin. Now, some of you are born without having the ability of hormone production, leptin to be specific. Leptin maintains the level of fat deposition in your body and if your brain doesn’t produce leptin, your body thinks it has no fat.

In turn, your brain wants you to eat so that it can save a layer of fat. Which is why you end up eating a lot and thus gain weight. It’s all because of your brain and the lack of leptin in your body. Similarly, if your brain produces more ghrelin – it makes you hungry all the time. And that’s how you become obese or naturally fat.

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In Conclusion:

I know, you still think that somehow your lifestyle is responsible for you being naturally fat, but it actually has a minor effect on your body structure. The way how your body looks today is a result of evolution folks. It’s all in your genes and your brain that decides if it should naturally burn fat to maintain a slim figure or keep thinking that it needs fat and hence, store it.

But, in any which ways you know now, you aren’t responsible for your round tummy and chubby body. Its all because your ancestors screwed it up for you.

So, the next time someone asks, ‘Why are you fat?’, you know what to say and whom to blame.

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