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Naughty Parrot Befriends An A.I. And Uses It To Order Stuff From Amazon

Parrots are cute, aren’t they? With their ability to mimic human words and phrases, people love to keep them as pets. But if you had the naughty parrot “Rocco” as your pet, you wouldn’t think the same.

If you remember, a while ago there’s was a naughty parrot in global headlines who refused to get saved by a firefighter, instead started abusing him. Now, another mischievous parrot named Rocco has made global headlines by befriending Amazon’s Alexa.

Who is Rocco and what did he do?

Naughty Parrot

Rocco is an African Grey parrot and without any second thought, it is clear that he is a naughty parrot. A troublemaker who can’t stop causing problems for others around him.


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He was earlier at the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary, where the staff was fed up of his abusive language. They feared that the bird’s insulting behavior would upset visitors. But a nice lady named Marion Wischnewski came to his rescue and adopted Rocco.

Naughty Parrot

Now Rocco lives in Berkshire, U.K. with his loving owner. But, all grey parrots are known for their ability to mimic words and it was definitely not hard for Rocco to master his ability and take it one step further.

Soon, he picked up the language to be used on Alexa and started ordered stuff online. He used the smart speaker to order watermelon and strawberries. He has also attempted to order light bulbs, ice cream, and a kite.
naughty parrot

Marion has told the media that ordering stuff from Amazon is not the only thing that he can do. This grey parrot has been in a good relationship with his new friend Alexa and knows how to use it to make conversations, play music, tell him jokes and more.

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In Conclusion:

Meeting this parrot would certainly be a delight but I’m not sure if I would ever want to keep him as a pet. Every day, after work Marion Wischnewski has to check her shopping list and cancel all the items that he’s ordered. But most of the times, she finds music playing whenever she comes back from work. Now, that’s sweet, don’t you think?

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What about you, wanna adopt ‘Rocco’?

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