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When I’m free, I play PUBG, when I’m busy, I play PUBG.

These are not my words but the words that I overheard in the metro while coming to work. I too love playing this fabulous game, but hearing those words from college kids made me wonder how badly this game is affecting our lives. You might not realize now, but PUBG effects your health.

And without much thinking, I could figure out that there are sure to be one or other kind of problems in real life if you keep playing PUBG for too long. Here are the side effects of playign PUBG.

1. Extreme violence

Negative effects of PUBG

Just like every other video game, PUBG is accused of being a violent game by many peoples. And because of this, the Chinese government has banned this game in their country. Excessive violence can trigger aggressive emotions, thoughts and behavior in the player and this will ultimately make him a less humane.

Believe it or not this one of the PUBG effects on health. and it will start affecting your nature if you are always absorbed in this game.

2. Video game addiction

Negative effects of PUBG

Playing too much PUBG every day keeps you busy, which means you can not do anything productive during this time. Addiction to the video game is not a new thing. In UK addiction to video games has become the reason several divorces.

Also, it ends up wasting your life with each passing day. You end up achieving nothing but a fake score which really doesn’t matter in real life.

3. Less social interaction

Negative effects of PUBG

I have already mentioned that video game addiction is a thing in which, you’ll be wasting your entire day and night just by playing PUBG. This will make it hard for you to find a girlfriend because for that you’ll need to go outside your house and interact with other people.

Also, you will be tagged with the ‘anti-social’ stamp and people will stay away from you, even when you approach them later on.

4. Bad physical health

Negative effects of PUBG

Just sitting in one place is not good for your health and that’s something everyone knows. Sitting in front of your bright computer screen can also affect your eyesight, and you might get a headache that never seems to leave your body. Not just this, but you’ll also forget about the goals you were trying to achieve.

Along with that, sitting all day will make you prone to things like backache and other health issues.

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5. Bad mental health

Negative effects of PUBG

In 2018, WHO concluded video gaming addiction as a mental disorder. Video games are known to be the reason for depression in many people. And people who are addicted to playing PUBG might get easily stressed out or face anxiety issues in public due to less social interaction.

Playing PUBG for too long can mess up your brain as you tend to stay alone while playing. You might even start suffering from loneliness and you would never know.

6. Less sleep

Negative effects of PUBG

There are two reasons behind this, the first one is that you might not feel like sleeping because the game isn’t over yet. Secondly, sitting for too long in front of the screen can make it hard for you to sleep even if you finally decide to go to bed. You have already lost the chances of having a girlfriend but having less sleep means you can’t even dream about your crush.

You will further get irritated and cruse your life. And it won’t feel good, trust me.

7. Less time to do anything else

Negative effects of PUBG

If you are a player of PUBG, you know that a single game can take up-to half hours to get completed. And, I’m sure no one stops with the single match. Now calculate, if you are not addicted but still play 5 matches a day, you’ll be wasting two and a half hours every day, which you could have used to do something more productive.

(I think you know I mean from being productive)

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8. Bad academics score

Negative effects of PUBG

One of the most serious side-effects of playing excessive video games is the bad academics score. Video games are fun and studying is nothing but the pain in our ass (at least that’s what we think). Because of this students tend to like playing video games too much and in case of PUBG, the gaming sessions tend to last longer, which affect the academic score of students.

And the thrashing you will get is an added bonus which you would hate.

In conclusion:

Playing too much PUBG can make you miss out on many things and can even mess up your life. So be careful, be cautious.

And remember, it’s just another video game and not the end of the world.

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