Neha Dhupia Says It's Ok If A Woman Has 5 Boyfriends Aur Humko Chakkar A Rahe Hai - Viral Bake

Neha Dhupia Says It’s Ok If A Woman Has 5 Boyfriends Aur Humko Chakkar A Rahe Hai

To think before speaking is one thing our parents and teachers have always taught us but seems like Indian politicians and celebs haven’ t attended those classes. And especially Neha Dhupia, who seem to be so blinded in promoting women-empowerment (that too by setting a wrong example) that she can’t tell the difference between what’s right and wrong.

Neha Dhupia, who is one of the judges of the popular reality show Roadies is currently auditioning for Roadies Season 18. And a clip from the same auditions has been doing the rounds on the web.

While auditioning a contestant, Dhupia said something that didn’t sit well with the netizens as they termed it as illogical.

Neha Dhupia was auditioning a guy who told her how he slapped his ex when he came to know that she has been in a relationship with five other guys while dating him.

Have a look at the video:

Dhupia, I don’t know if she was in her wits, responding to this said that it’s the woman’s choice of how many guys she wants to do and be with. Really Neha? Dating five guys at the same time is a choice? Or it’s only ‘logical’ when a girl does so and not a guy? Please elaborate.

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While we can wait for a much logical explanation from Neha, netizens, on the other hand, aren’t as patient as we are. So, they lessoned Neha on how, doesn’t matter, it comes from a guy or a girl, cheating is cheating and not a choice.

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