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Netflix Sci-fi ‘IO’ Shows The Real Picture Behind Space Explorations And Earth’s Soon To Be Future

I love Netflix sci-fi movies. They are the best and they always come up with some unique content

Last Friday, Netflix sci-fi movie ‘IO’ was released and it hasn’t got really good reviews as of now. But I think, this is one the best sci-fi movies which you can really relate to. Even though, people are calling it dull and almost to the extent of boring, my views differ.

Netflix Sci-fi IO

Netflix sci-fi IO

If you haven’t watched it yet, and are not planning to because you read some horrible views about the movie, you should know a few things about the movie that no one has shared with you yet. IO is not the cliched sci-fi movie that shows you super advanced space stations and technology that is way too out of the box.

Mostly the cliched sci-fi movies show advanced space travels and explorations, that leads the team to unventured places mankind has never been to before. But this Netflix sci-fi is way different than that.

What’s the movie is really about?

Its a movie that shows the reality, the real reason why those space explorations would become a necessity and not an adventure in the coming years. IO is not about CGI and colorful galaxies, it’s about the survival of human being in the harshest of the environment, that he himself created.

Basically, it is a movie you can relate to. It shows a time when global warming has destroyed most of the planet, and it all depends on how you adapt and survive. It’s time to go back to the old ways and help nature heal itself as well as nurture you so that you survive.

Here are 10 things from Netflix sci fi movie ‘IO’ that you will relate to because it is going to happen in distant future. It’s just a matter of time.

1. Using gas masks to breathe

netflix sci-fi IO

Polluted cities are already witnessing this disaster. Last year, the capital city was engulfed in smoke and smog during and after Diwali celebration. But that really doesn’t matter to people. many were spotted burning crackers while wearing masks. Ironic, but true.

Those days aren’t far when everyone would have to have a mask in order to step out and it won’t be a joke anymore. Oxygen tanks will be on your top priority then, as shown in this Netflix sci-fi.

2. Grow vegetables in a greenhouse

Already there are people who have shifted to growing their own crops. In the coming future, there will be no land fertile enough to grow crops and then people would meticulously create their own greenhouses so that the crops can survive.

Right now it might sound like too much labor, but soon this will be the only option left with humanity. Also, there wouldn’t be supermarkets for you to drop until you shop for groceries. It will be you and your survival against mother nature.

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3. Filter water with natural ingredients

Many countries and states are struggling to provide safe water to its inhabitants. Water tanks and government aided authorities work together to do the bare minimum. But if this goes on, there won’t be any drinkable water left on earth. You would have to shift back to finding water sources on your own.

Just like Sam uses natural sources like charcoal and sand to purify that water, you too would have to face this challenge. Today, you don’t bother how much water you water, but soon you will.

4. Solar power will be the only source

netflix sci-fi IO

No one bothers to switch off that unused bulb and TV when no one needs it. There is an unlimited source of electricity today. Several people have invertors and generators to do their bidding. But what will happen when there will be no electricity?

When the rivers would dry and there will no means to produce electricity on a large scale? Solar power will be your savior, which is why many environmentalists have already switched to it.

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5. Excessive levels of CO2 everywhere

The excessive amount of Carbon in the atmosphere will soon become a very real thing. It won’t just increase the level of pollution, but also ensure that plants and trees don’t survive in the long run.

Yes, trees do emit oxygen, but it’s a slow process and it requires moderate levels of CO2 in the air. However, the levels of CO2 has already gone way above the toxic bar and soon it will dominate the presence of all other elements in the air.

6. Abandoned cities

netflix sci-fi IO

Ghost towns already exist. Although they have been caused by some man-made or natural disaster, these kinds of towns exist. If you want to survive the harsh future on earth, you would have to venture into those abandoned cities just like Sam and Micah set out to find helium. Sounds fun, right?

Trust me, it won’t when you would have to fight and gasp for every breath that you draw when your oxygen cylinder is over. This Netflix sci-fi just brushes the reality of what is inevitable given the current state of the earth.

7. Increased natural disasters

The frequency of natural disasters has doubled since last few decades. But who cares, right? Well, you should. That time ain’t far when there will be massive earthquakes and natural disasters that spread across continents.

Right now, the intensity might be less today, but in dystopian future (which isn’t that far away) things will be adverse. The cyclones and storms will be powerful enough to rip off houses and destroy buildings, just like they show in this Netflix sci-fi movie.

8. An increased frequency of space expeditions

netflix sci-fi IO

If you read the news, you already know that in the last decade, the number of space expeditions has increased at a really fast rate. But is it really for discovery or has it become a necessity for mankind given the current deteriorating state of planet earth?

Whatever the case, development and advancement in terms of technology have caused more harm than benefit for the earth and its environment. NASA has already stopped using monkeys for space explorations and now humans would be sent across galaxies. Are you up for it?

9. Money, wealth and architecture won’t matter

You might think that if someone is wealthy, he will survive no matter what. But you are wrong. When nature unleashes its wrath, it doesn’t differentiate between anything or anyone. So, today you might feel proud about the tallest skyscraper in your city, but when calamity hits, it will just leave the city in rubles and dust just like every natural disaster ever.

So, fancy buildings and towers won’t stand a chance against the power of nature. You better choose sides now, just like Sam did in this Netflix sci-fi.

10. Evolution for survival

netflix sci-fi IO

The human body has always shocked science. With the existence of people with superpowers (like Iceman who can survive in ice-cold water easily), it is not impossible that the strongest and fittest of humans will adapt to the toxic earth environment in the future.

Yes, there will be people who would be able to survive in the harsh apocalyptic setting and still find ways to restore the earth. The only thing you can do is pray that you develop immunity like Sam did and evolve to stay on earth.

Netflix sci-fi IO depicts the future in a raw form

The movie is a real-time portrayal of how your life would be in the coming future. There are many things depicted in the movie that will make you question the existing times. Pollution levels in cities and urban areas are exponentially increasing.

Though, people still think that it is not a big problem but soon the true nature of pollution would start becoming evidently clear.

This Netflix sci-fi shows the exact dystopian time when there will a fight against survival. The race against time and evolution. In the end, it will be your efforts and your body that will work together to save you from vanishing in the oblivion.

In Conclusion:

Watch this awesome Netflix sci-fi and relate to the small things which this movie shows with much ease, because hey, no one is fighting to save this planet. Switch to an environmentally friendly lifestyle and who knows, you might start developing immunity in the longer run.

It will certainly be a good thing for you because today everyone wants to save themselves, but earth saves those who are trying to save the planet in return.

So whose side are you on?

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