Netflix To Celebrate Indian Weddings Via Its New Series 'The Big Day' & The Groom In Me Can't Be More Excited - Viral Bake
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Netflix To Celebrate Indian Weddings Via Its New Series ‘The Big Day’ & The Groom In Me Can’t Be More Excited

This is of course ‘Big’ if just like me, you too are interested in getting your friend hitched and expect no one at the wedding to ask you “when are you planning to get married?” People please, let me enjoy the day and take cues from the wedding currently happening so mine, like most of us always dream of, would be that perfect one.

After giving us an insight into the ‘arranged marriage’ set up with its series Indian Matchmaking, Netflix is now up with another web series called ‘The Big Day‘ that takes a step further and is all about the D-day.
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What next Netflix? A web series on Suhagrat? Well, neither we are complaining about ‘The Big Day’ nor we would about the aforementioned.

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Netflix on Monday released the trailer of its new production, The Big Day, which will showcase six different lavish Indian weddings that are staged in a way that many mothers won’t approve but are the need of the hour. These weddings have couples donning lavish designer clothes, invetsing in a sustainable wedding and women not following every ritual blindly, though we personally believe it’s endearing.

Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Baeur, who got married to partner Tyrone Braganza in 2019, also features in this special wedding series. So honestly, there are so many cues you can get from the series for your special day.

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The Big Day, which will release on Feb 14, of course, has been produced by Conde Nast India and we truly have high hopes of lots of family drama, unique personal struggles, triumphs and much more from the same.

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