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RIP Biology: Pakistani Maulana Says That ‘When We Sleep, Virus Also Sleeps’ & Netizens Can’t Sleep Anymore

A Pakistan cleric’s bizarre solution to fight coronavirus is giving the internet a burst of good laughter. Recently, Fazal-ur-Rahman, who was a member of the Pakistan National Assembly for over two decades, suggested people to sleep more to save themselves from coronavirus.

fazlur rehman
Source AFP

He claimed that sleeping more allows the virus to sleep more and when the virus is sleeping, it won’t cause harm to your body. RIP biology.

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“Our doctors always recommend us to sleep more. The more we sleep, the more the virus sleeps. It won’t harm us. When we sleep it sleeps, when we die, it dies,” the cleric can be heard saying in a video clip.

The video clip was shared by Pakistani Journalist Naila Inayat with the caption: “When we sleep, virus sleeps. When we die, the virus dies. Simple”. And post being shared, netizens can’t digest the logic behind the same.

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