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Netizens Want Justice For Chutki After ‘Dhokebaaz’ Choota Bheem Ditches Her To Marry Rani Indumati

With lockdown in place and people mostly at their home, TV and the internet have become the last resort to keep the boredom at bay. And literally, over the past few days, the two have been filled upto the neck with trends that have become the talk of the town.

The topics that have been going viral have emerged out of a collective outrage towards the system, such as the murder of George Floyd’s and killing of an innocent pregnant elephant in Kerala.

Between all this, recently, a new trend made it to the web. And you might have to go down the memory lane to understand the same.

Remember the famous cartoon Chhota Bheem? If you do, you must also be aware of undying friendship (which was surely more than friendship) between two of its most loved characters Chhota Bheem and Chutki.

Source – Medium

While most of us through that the duo will end up somewhere in the future, happens to be, Bheem ditched her to marry the princess of Dholkapur Rani Induamti.

Source – Top Buzz

Chota Bheem has married Indumati in the latest episode. And this has enraged fans who are asking #justiceforchutki on the internet with hilarious memes. Have a look:

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