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New Actors/Actresses Who Are Beautiful But Should Have Stayed Outside Of Bollywood

Bollywood launches fresh faces every year.

Sometimes its a big hit on the Box office, and sometimes these faces vanish in the sparkle and dazzle of the B-town as if they never existed. But then, there are some faces who are just a burden on the industry.

They have no acting skills whatsoever. They suck in dialogue delivery and don’t even have an emotional appeal. And if an actor doesn’t know how to act, no matter how beautiful or smart or sexy he or she is, they eventually get kicked out of the B-industry.

Following the same mantra and doing a personal research on my own, I have come up with the list of actors and actress who are nothing but a glamorous burden on the Bollywood film industry. Check out and see if you agree-

1. Sunny Leone

New Bollywood actors

Ok, to begin with, I don’t know why people introduced Sunny Leone as an actress in the first place. I mean she was doing good in the industry where she hailed from. Her acting skills suck no matter which movie you see and for people who love to see her exposing her body, you can watch her in her original genre of movies.

2. Mahira Khan

New Bollywood actors

Whatever her role was in Raees, I guess she failed to portray any real acting skills. Apart from looking glamorous in the song sequence with Shahrukh, I don’t think Mahira did anything in the movie. And this was Shahrukh’s miserable attempt to introduce another Deepika in the film industry.

3. Girish Taurani

New Bollywood actors

This guy acted his heart out in the movie Ramaiya Vastavaiya and sucked to the core. Overacting is something which is his strong suit. His last movie ‘Lovesuhda’ that released in 2016 received 4.5 stars out of 10. And that explains a lot about his acting skills, right?

4. Shriya Pilgaonkar

New Bollywood actors

Even though she hailed from a strong background of famous TV actors Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar, she couldn’t do much in Bollywood. Her acting in the movie ‘Fan’ didn’t turn any heads and frankly being a part of the theater and French films, we expected much better performance from her.

5. Saiyami Kher

New Bollywood actors

The glamorous looking girl who played the role of a modern girl in Mirziyaa. Acting wise she couldn’t appeal the audience, and neither the movie broke records. People dismissed it as an overrated story and Saiyami failed to even set a bar regarding her acting skills.

6. Pooja Hegde

New Bollywood actors

Yet another pretty face with no acting skills in her DNA. Blunt expressions and overacting in a few scenes made it instantly clear that she isn’t going anywhere far in the vast sea of Bollywood. She is back in Telugu movies and I guess that’s where she should be.

7. Waluscha De Sousa

New Bollywood actors

She made her debut in the Bollywood industry against Shahrukh, and most of you know how it ends for most of the heroines. She tried her luck again with the movie ‘Time to Dance’, but even that failed to leave an impression of her acting skills on people.

8. Sayesha Saigal

New Bollywood actors

With ‘Shivaay’, Sayesha entered the glam world of Bollywood and returned back to the Telegu and Tamil industry that she came from.  Good for her, because people could grasp that she has no acting skills. Moreover, the entire movie failed to impress the public, even with Ajay Devgan in the lead.

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9. Arjun Kapoor

New Bollywood actors

I can totally understand the pressure on Arjun Kapoor. He belongs to the industry itself, and his acting skills prove otherwise. Even though he has done a few movies, no one is really impressed by the way he acts.

10. Tiger Shroff

New Bollywood actors

Carrying the heavy tile of ‘Shroff’, I guess Tiger only concentrated more on his body and physic and less on his acting. His face was a butt of jokes when he was introduced in the industry. And personally, I agree that indeed, he looks more of Kareena Kapoor’s male version than Jackie Shroff’s son. His face worked against him, sad.

11. Nargis Fakhri

New Bollywood actors

She is beautiful, amazing dancer and pretty. But when it comes to acting, she’s terrible. Right from the beginning, when ‘Rockstar’ was released, people knew she couldn’t act. In her following movies, she tried hard but still failed to set a benchmark in the acting field.

12. Rakul Preet Singh

New Bollywood actors

A sweet and cute face was introduced into the Bollywood industry with the movie ‘Yaaariyan’. The movie itself was a terrible one and failed to impress the audience. She might be a good actress in South Indian movies but not in Bollywood.

13. Himansh Kohli

New Bollywood actors

This handsome and pretty boy didn’t turn any heads even with 5 Bollywood movies. Needless to say, he doesn’t know how to act in the movies. All of his movies did not even work well on the box office. Period.

14. Ileana D’Cruz

New Bollywood actors

Even though Ileana acted against some good names in her movies, she did nothing much in comparison to the actors playing the role against her. it ultimately labeled her as an actress who only is glamorous from the outside and nothing much in acting.

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15. Vaani Kapoor

New Bollywood actors

When Shudh Desi Romance got released, people thought that this graceful actress can do a lot in her coming movies. But with Befikrey and her plastic surgery, all she gained was, to be the pool of jokes and memes. people still couldn’t see any strong acting from her end.

16. Disha Patani

New Bollywood actors

In all her movies, she never got a serious role to act out. Even after being in the lead role in Baaghi, she could do nothing apart from flaunting pretty dresses and hairdos. But in the end, acting is all that matters in Bollywood, which she lacks. Big time.

17. Urvashi Rautela

New Bollywood actors

Appearing in movies like Great Grand Masti, and Sanam re, she should have known that she isn’t going to make people believe that she can act. Naturally, when her movies failed, she went beyond exposing in Hate Story 4, which was yet another miserable attempt to make believe that she can act.

18. Daisy Shah

New Bollywood actors

Apart from getting popular and being trolled for her dialogue in Race 3, I don’t think Daisy Shah ever got any publicity related to her acting skills. She acted in many other films, only to be put aside when it came to the listing of actresses who can genuinely act in movies.

19. Neha Sharma

New Bollywood actors

With movies like Crook, Kya Super Kool Hai Hum, Neha really didn’t have any future in the Bollywood industry. She is undoubtedly a famous face in the South Indian film industry, but when it comes to real Bollywood, she didn’t achieve any respect in terms of her acting skills.

20. Mustafa Burmawalla

New Bollywood actors

Yet another case of Neptiosm brought in ‘Mustafa’ to the Bollywood industry because he was the son of all-time famous director Mustan (of the duo Abbas- Mustan.) It was quite obvious that the movie would fail, which it did and with it, proved the underlying truth that everyone cannot act.

21. Jaqueline Fernandes

New Bollywood actors

She can dance well, she can look gorgeous in fancy clothes, but she can’t appeal the public to any emotion. Her roles pretty much in all the movies were more of just fillers. And naturally, when you can’t act, you look dumb on the screen when you aren’t dancing. Same is the case with Jaqueline.

22. Varun Dhawan

New Bollywood actors

This actor tried everything. From serious roles to comedy roles to prove that he, in fact, is a good actor. But all of his roles failed to have any effect on the audience. He is an entertainer, he can pretty much dance but he ain’t an actor. That’s for sure.

23. Jackky Bhagnani

New Bollywood actors

He tried his luck in several movies, but with each movie, he made people realize that he can do anything, but act. More of his movies are in the pipeline but I bet nothing is going to change the perception of his acting skills, that people already have.

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24. Kritika Kamra

New Bollywood actors

She is a well-known face of the Tv industry. And she tossed it all of to have a career in the film industry. I guess she should have stuck to Tv’s because her movies aren’t doing any good for her in terms of climbing up the stairs of acting.

25. Avinash Tiwary

New Bollywood actors

This average looking guy from the movie Laila Majnu didn’t break any ice in terms of acting. Neither the movie work wonders nor did the leads. It resulted in the movie coming and leaving the theaters without much blast.

26. Tripti Dimri

New Bollywood actors

Tripti is the lead actress in the movie Laila Majnu. Just like the movie, her acting skills were barely visible in the story. Which is why no one bothered to register that there is a new actress, which is appearing for the second time on screen after her movie Poster Boys.

In Conclusion:

I guess that with actors like Irfan Khan, Nawaz, Ranveer, Deepika, Priyanka, etc. etc.,  the newcomers really need to act out to prove that they can really act. After all, the public doesn’t always favor nepotism and accept ‘acting less’ actors with open arms.

So the newcomers, better get on with your acting skills if you really want to make a name in Bollywood industry.

Have I missed any name who suck in acting? Lemme know!

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