Why Is The New Indian Currency Colorfully Sexy?

We all respect money! And we love fresh rupee notes even more!! ?

Ever since the new Indian currency was rolled out by our P.M., something like a splash of wave hit our nation. We all sulked a bit and whined about standing in never-ending queues. But then eventually forgot all about the old one as we lay our hands on those crisp, flat, stain free and colorful notes. Much like that flirtatious boy who found a new love interest and forgot his current fling like it never existed.

I for one, love to bury those crispies deep inside my pockets and place a 1000 lbs stone on top of that. And I absolutely despise when it’s Diwali and I have to give away my prized trinkets to nasty kids in the name of a goddamn tradition. Man, it pinches.

All of this, coz now we have shades of rainbows on our new Indian currency, instead of those previous drab-old-grey and green bills.

Here are the reasons that prove why the new Indian currency is colorfully sexy:

More the color, prettier the feel

new Indian currency 50 rupee

Remember when the only highlighted bill was of Rs 20, we stored them as if they were made of gold and preferred spending 10s and 50s instead. Now, with the pop of colors on all of them, it is like a unicorn in wonderland.

Boy, don’t we smile from ear to ear, when the shopkeeper hands over those exquisite, florescent blue Rs 50 notes or that incandescently pink Rs 2000? I bet we all do.

The crisp is back, and we love it

new indian currency 100 rupee

With the new currency in the picture, the notes are crunchy and wrinkle-free. And when have we left our love for them crispies? Eating super crispy fries and holding those kadak notes feel heavenly. Truly, the same feeling. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone. Would you like it if McD served you soggy fries? Or the finance minister served you filthy withering currency time and again? NO WAY!!

High time, we Indians got sanitized, clean, small and handy bills. I know those dirty notes were a big reason for me falling ill so frequently.

A wallet-bit lighter and heavier at the same time

new indian currency 2000 rupee

Pre-demonetization we had to call a crane to drag our wallets to the supermarket coz it used to be so heavy. But gone are those days. No need squashing those old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes into a smaller wallet, and risk tearing edges.

The biggest Rs 2000 currency fits into the wallet like a piece of puzzle perfectly and keeps the wallet super light at the same time. More money but less burden. And you are sorted.

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We save not because we must, but because they are “my precious (LOTR style)”

new indian currency 10 rupee

We all have done that – Shopping on a whim. But that has gone downhills since the arrival of “my precious”. Sometimes because we have just one Rs 200 brand new bill left or we just don’t want to give that Rs 2000 for the sake of a Rs. 500 worth of ice-cream. (Who needs ice-cream anyway when you have “my precious”?).

We end up dropping the idea altogether. We take pride in becoming the epitome of Kanjoos-Makhichoos with pleasure. Isn’t it cool? Its saving you a lot of money.

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We are unknowingly digitizing India and we should be proud of it

new indian currency 500 rupee

When was the last time you deliberately ordered something and paid cash on delivery? We show a straight up poker face to those who expect us to pay in cold hard cash. We all pay online now, don’t we?

Whenever someone asks if we have got the change for Rs.2000, We start behaving like the hobbit under the influence of a mighty ring (a mighty note in this case) and we run off before anyone lays their profane hands on those “my precious” 200, 100 and 500 notes that we have been guarding all month. Getting the point?

 Visiting the ATM is much more fun

new indian currency 200 rs

Instead of those putrid notes used by my Grandpa and his Grandpa before him, I am sure, now the ATM oozes out multiple shades of pinks and blues and greens and oranges. It’s like a la-la land of several hues and it just uplifts even the most horrid of moods. Next time try dangling them in front of your boss when he is horribly annoyed with you.

And now that the ATM doesn’t have a fucking 100 km long never-ending queue, it indeed is fun. Isn’t it? Anything for “my precious”. Yes, I am still under the influence.

Do you like our new Indian currency? Let us know your views in comments.

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