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Rahul Gandhi And His Nonsensical Tweets Are Back In Trend, As He Comes Up With A Fake Word To Diss Modi

Rahul Gandhi and his nonsensical tweets have become a pass time for many memers. People from politics has stopped paying attention to them. As everyone knows whatever he says, is a lie.

There is no such machine that can make gold out of potatoes, Chowkidar is not a chor and the latest there is no such word as Modilie in dictionary.

Wondering what I’m talking about?

On 15 May, Rahul Gandhi made another controversial tweet claiming the addition of the word “Modilie”. His tweet was full of glitches, as he had posted the Modilie tweet twice.

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Claiming that this new word is there in the Oxford Dictionary, but the dictionary’s logo in Rahul Gandhi tweets is different than the original logo present on the Oxford’s website. This raises the concern, whether the word is even real?

Not just this, while trying to fix his mistake the first tweet carried a fake Oxford logo was deleted within minutes. Later the second tweet was posted with a new logo, which does look similar to the Oxford Dictionary website logo. But their photoshop team was not that attentive. As they forgot to mention the word Oxford in the logo.

Although, Rahul didn’t mention the name of Oxford in his post but the fake new word resembles the outlook of Oxfords official website page. And that’s why Oxford himself stepped in to clear things out.

How Oxford replied to Rahul’s tweet?

After seeing the controversy of Rahul’s new twitter post, the official Twitter account of Oxford Dictionary decided to come in front to call Rahul Gandhi’s claim just a bluff.

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According to the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, the word “Modilie” has been added to the dictionary and it means “to constantly modify the truth”.

To this Oxford Dictionary’s official Twitter handle said in reply to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet. And said, “We can confirm that the image showing the entry ‘Modilie’ is fake and does not exist in any of our Oxford Dictionaries.”

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