8 New Year 2023 Resolutions for a Better Financial Future

We all make multiple resolutions every year and remarkably fail at most of them only to make them again the next year. We have been promising ourselves to get up early in the morning and take better care of ourselves but do we put enough emphasis on our financial goals? To help you with this, I will share 10 New Year 2023 resolutions for a better financial future.

8 New Year 2023 Resolutions for a Better Financial Future

I am sure, half of us don’t even realise how important it is to have financial goals and some of us have no idea how to reach ours. Nevertheless, we need to find the right path so that we can strike our goals as soon as possible and become financially stable. Without financial stability and awareness, we won’t be able to use our money in the right way possible. So, here are the 10 New Year 2023 resolutions for a better financial future:

1. Protection Before Savings

Before we start investing or saving money for bigger things or just the future, we need to take care of protection. Hence, it is important to secure our family members with life insurance, health insurance and emergency funds. All these investments will help us not go off track when we are saving and investing huge amounts of money.

2. Emergency Funds

What are emergency funds? It is a fund that will help us cover unexpected expenses like scooter tyre punctures, medical emergencies, equipment damage and more. We need to make sure that we keep at least three to six months’ expenses in our emergency fund that we can use in case of emergency.

3. Retirement Plan

Once you have all the protection you need in life, it is important to start saving for your retirement. You need to save up for retirement according to the lifestyle you would want to pursue then. Also, when you are starting to save, you can use the following formula to decide how much money you should put in the fund:

Current Age/2= Percentage of Pre-Tax Salary

4. Yearly Plan

Even before the year starts, you must outline your financial objectives for the complete year, create a plan to achieve the same and start working towards it. You should refrain from investing or changing your plans mid-way.

5. Returns on Investment

When you are deciding on investing, make sure you do not run after high returns but more promising investments that suit your financial objectives. It is important to learn that everybody has different financial situations and one should take risks accordingly.

6. Tax Strategy

When you are creating your tax strategy, ensure to keep all your financial objectives in mind. There are certain taxes that we need to pay and also, certain ways that let us save our taxes. We can save tax by investing in certain schemes that may or may not be run by the government. Whenever we are forming our tax strategy, we need to ensure that we keep everything in mind.

7. Good Plans

Whenever we are picking a child plan or a pension plan, we need to finalise the one that satiates our needs and not the one which is excellent among all the available options. We need to understand that there are multiple options in the market because not every plan is made for everyone. So, make an informed decision when it comes to picking one for you and your family.

8. Shopping

When it comes to buying something for yourself, you should use a 30-day rule to realise if you need it. You can buy a thing if you still need it after 30 days and make sure to save money for the thing before you buy it. In addition to it, please be aware enough to realise the difference between need and want.


In this article, we learnt about the 8 New Year 2023 Resolutions for a better financial future. I hope it was helpful for you and that you will make sure to follow as many resolutions as possible. I am sure if you could even take away one per cent from this article, even if not now, you will reach your financial goal eventually.

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