New York Is Unreal, Watch People Stopping Traffic To Capture Sunset

New York Is Unreal, Watch People Stopping Traffic To Capture Sunset

Every person is a sunset lover, whether he admits it or not and we admit that a sunset creates a mesmerising sight which no one can resist. Well, at least the people of New York agree with the statement. We know because we have seen it in the new viral video. In the video, it was seen that a huge crowd stopped the traffic completely to take a picture of a beautiful sunset. The video is of the busy manhattan road where the people went crazy, everybody just wanted to capture the sunset on their phones. The video has crazily gone viral on the Internet.

New York Is Unreal, Watch People Stopping Traffic For Sunset

Video Shows New York Stopping Traffic To Capture Sunset

The video was posted by the Twitter account named ‘Kira’. The clip was recorded from a car and showed how so many people gathered in the middle of the busy road to capture a photo of a beautiful sunset. Though the sunset was indeed really beautiful, as you can see in some tweets below.

Here’s the tweeted video see yourself:

The video has attracted 10.7 million viewers towards itself and was being shared online by many. The internet is confused and amused at the same time, what more we can say see the tweets and you will know.

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