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Next Level Self Obsession, 24 Years Old Woman Marries Herself

24 Years Old Woman Marries Herself: While most people try hard to find an ideal life partner in their 20s, a woman from Gujarat, Vadodara, is so self-obsessed that she wants a relationship with herself. A 24 years old girl named Kshama Bindu has decided to marry herself, as per the Times of India. Well, the idea looks anomalous but it’s now a rising trend of relationship and called Solgamy or autogamy when a person marries with itself.

Kshama Bindu’s Reason For Marrying Herself

Kshama Bindu’s Reason For Marrying Herself

Kshama expressed her views about her decision and explained to TOI, “I never wanted to get married. But I did want to become a bride. So I decided to marry myself.” She works for a private firm and told TOI that, she looked for a woman in India that has also married herself but couldn’t even find a single woman who has practised sologamy. So, this was another reason for her to practise sologamy as she wanted to start a new trend of culture which resembles ‘Self-Love’ in the Nation. “Maybe I am the first to set an example of self-love in our country”, she said.

India’s First Sologamy – ‘An Act Of Self-Marriage’

Kshama while emphasising the essence of the term ‘Sologamy’, she said it’s a commitment of love towards itself, “an act of self-acceptance.” She highlighted that this marriage of hers is not any different than a person married another when they love each other, and “she loves herself.”

She also pointed out that this decision of hers will not be appropriate in the eyes of some people and said, “What I am trying to portray is that women matter.” Kshama also said that her parents were so understanding given their approval of the marriage.

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Self-Marriage On June 11

Well, after giving all the explanations for this step, Kshama said that she is ready to be married to herself on June 11. This marriage will be just like any other big celebration in India, except there will be no groom. She has also prepared five vows to speak to herself and had already planned a two week Goa trip to enjoy ‘Self-Love’.

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