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Study Showed, Things That Nice People Do Is What Causes Depression In Them

The feeling you get after helping someone indeed is very pleasing. But, is it actually pleasing?

According to recent research published on journal Nature Human Behavior, nicer people are more prone to fight with depression in their lives ahead.

That can’t be true right? After all, for so many years, we have learned that helping others, doing good for others is what a nice person, a human should do. Does that mean all the nice things you have did of others in the past, is what causes depression? Let’s find out.

What’s in the research?

what causes depression

The study says a person, who is more emotional about social unfairness and likes to keep others first are more likely to get depressed than those who don’t care at all. Yeah, that what they said.

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Which means, helping others and doing good won’t come back to you. And won’t make you healthy either. But how can we believe this study that claims that being nice is what causes depression? What are the proofs?

How the study was carried out?

To carry out the research, 350 were separated into two groups based on the way they think.

These two groups were consists of people of two different features, “pro-social” and “individualist.”

People who were in the pro-social group resembled the characteristics of self-sacrificing to help others and characteristics that promote social equality. While the other group had people who are termed as selfish, people who think of their good before others.

what causes depression

To know more about their personality, both these group went through an MRI scan. To study how their brain reacts, when it comes to helping people who are in need by offering financial aid. The results came out to be astonishing.

In the case of “pro-social” group, when they were asked to help others financially. Brain showed increased activity in their amygdala, the part of the brain which is responsible for emotions and stress.

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In the case of an “individualist,” brain showed increased activity in their amygdala only when the person in need has more money than them in general.

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The link between personality and what causes depression

To find a link between depression and someone’s personality, participants were provided with the Beck Depression Inventory. A questionnaire which can be used to determine whether the recorded brain activities, earlier from the research, were linked to symptoms of depression or not.

No, it is not good news, as the results came declaring that the pro-social people are more prone to suffer from depression. In case you have forgotten, pro-social are the one whom we all call “nice people.”

In Conclusion:

Although, the research hasn’t concluded that just being nice can make you depressed. As are many other influential factors in life that can cause depression.

After all, we have learned, doing good for someone always come back in unexpected ways.

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