This Is How Reddit Stole Thomas Edision’s Birthday: Check Out These Cool Nikola Tesla Memes

Yesterday it was Thomas Edison birthday. Ideally, we should have appreciated the efforts that he made in the past to provide an easy lifestyle for us.

But meme makers at Reddit decided to steal his special day from him, just like he did with the Nikola Tesla. And we at ViralBake love Reddit. That’s why we also decided not to give any importance of Edison on this birthday.

However, now it is very important for us to share how Reddit celebrated Thomas Edisons Birthday because it is hilarious. Before that, here is what you need to know about both the famous inventors.

Thomas Edison Vs Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Meme

We all know who is Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. But there are many who still don’t know who is Nikola Tesla. People knew about the light bulb that lights up their room. But, no one knows about the person who made it possible.

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Nikola Tesla is the inventor of the Alternate Current (AC), a phenomenon that has become the standard for electricity replacing the old standard of Direct Current (DC) that is invented by the Thomas Edison.


Edison was the idol, former boss and an archnemesis to our underdog Nikola Tesla. For decades, science nerds have debated on who was the better inventor. We are not going to comment on that but we will let you debate after reading these Nikola Tesla memes.

Here are some cool Nikola Tesla memes that are shared on Thomas Edison’s birthday to steal his day.


Nikola Tesla Meme


Nikola Tesla Meme


Nikola Tesla Meme


Nikola Tesla Meme


Nikola Tesla Meme

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Nikola Tesla Meme


Nikola Tesla Meme


Nikola Tesla Meme


Nikola Tesla Meme


Nikola Tesla Meme

Why they call Thomas Edison a cheater?

Back in 1884, Tomas Edison invited 28-year-old Nikola Tesla to New York City to work with him in his company. Tesla’s job was to repair the dynamos, install lab equipment, and design new machines.

At that time, Tesla insisted that he could increase the efficiency of Edison’s prototypical dynamos to which Edison reacted by saying that he’ll pay Tesla $50,000 if he succeeded.

Tesla worked day and night and able to make some great changes in Edison’s model. But when the time comes to pay our Underdog, Edison denied by saying, ‘that it was an example of American humor, you failed to understand that.”

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Instead of paying the full amount of $50,000, Edison cheated and offered him a raise of $10 per week. After that, Tesla left Edison and started his own light company that produces the AC current that started the war between Tesla and Edison. Both were trying to make their model of current standard worldwide.

In Conclusion:

Nikola Tesla was an underdog and a dreamer, sources said that he was a cool guy back in his time. While Thomas Edison was a cold heart businessman who acts like your middle school science teacher (who screams every time you try to ask something.)

We hope you enjoyed these Nikola Tesla memes and hopefully, now you know why internet call Edison a cheater.

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