No 5-Day Week? Company Won’t Find The Best Talent

Candidates find it challenging to comprehend why any firm should maintain a 6-day work week in an age when organisations have adopted a hybrid style of working, according to James Agrawal, MD of BTI Executive Search.

“Any CXO candidate we approach with a 6-day work week job offer is astonished. Many of them have no interest in working six days a week.” However, there are still businesses with a 5.5 to 6-day work week mentality, especially in industries like manufacturing, infrastructure, and energy. If these organisations don’t alter their work cultures, they risk losing out on a wider talent pool, according to Agrawal.

When a candidate is contacted with an opportunity, it is often expected that the organisation has a 5-day work week, according to Joseph Devasia, MD of the top recruiting agency Antal International. “At least 95% of applicants want to work five days a week at their new employers. The leftover talent is what businesses with a 6-day work week would get as a consequence, claims Devasia.

Recently, Antal was successful in placing a candidate in a 6-day workweek company’s CHRO job. “The individual was hired from an MNC where becoming a CHRO would have taken him at least another two years. As a result, he agreed to a compromise on the number of days he would work each week. But I won’t be shocked if he leaves in 12 to 15 months if a better offer comes through, declares Devasia.”

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The key for us has been to be able to put control in our people’s hands, based on their specific roles, where they can design their work week and workdays in the way they think is most productive and efficient while maintaining our distinctive culture and human connections, says Radhika Tomar, HR director at Kimberly-Clark India, which uses a 5-day work week for office-based staff.

Previously, the corporate and R&D departments at pharma giants Six days of labour at Sun Pharma were needed, with the second and fourth Saturdays off. Corporate and R&D employees now work five days a week as of December 2021. Businesses from many industries that TOI contacted declined to comment. A lot of businesses, like JSW Group and Zydus Lifesciences (formerly Zydus Cadila), use a six-day alternative workweek. Equality requires more in-depth examination at a time when diversity, inclusion, and equity are topics that are gaining popularity across enterprises.

Many pharmaceutical and manufacturing firms either work a regular six-day week or the whole six days out of what seems to be justice and fairness. An industry executive said, “Why should others (in corporate activities) have a five-day schedule if facilities are operating for the entire six days and those managing the manufacturing operations have a six-day week?”

The post-pandemic understanding of the value of personal time and mental health is a big factor in the rising demand for a 5-day workweek. Following the epidemic, a number of businesses throughout the world have adopted the hybrid working style. “Working from home a few days a week allows people to manage work and family responsibilities.

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According to employee feedback notably from India, throughout their in-person workdays, employees are appreciating reestablishing contact with coworkers and internal/external partners.

The priorities in life have also changed. Prior to Covid, 10-15% of applicants, according to Puri, used to inquire about the number of working hours and days in a week. At least 40% of people nowadays ask these questions when they are contacted for employment. “There has been a radical shift in how people see life’s meaning and values, and individuals now place a higher value on their personal time.

They are rejecting such employment offers because they don’t want to work on the weekends, according to Puri.

Even the promise of increased pay is insufficient to convince them to choose jobs that don’t provide weekends off or are restrictive with leave. Puri continues, “CXO candidates approach me and ask, ‘What can I do with more money and greater career prospects if I do not have time to spend with the family?’

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