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No Mid-Day Meals Without Aadhaar, Very Soon

Very soon, in Maharashtra State, Mid-Day Meal Scheme will be linked with Aadhaar Card. As per the Government orders, this rule is decided to be in effect from January 2013.

No Mid-Day Meals Without Aadhaar

Mid-Day Meals Scheme To Be Linked With Aadhaar

So, the Government has decided to secure a mid-day meals scheme by linking it with the Aadhaar database. This move will make sure everyone gets their share of food without any discrepancies being triggered. However, there’s only one problem that the Government is facing before going into the implementation phase.

59 lakh children, as per the state’s education department, are facing Aadhaar-associated problems that the state needs to rectify first.

As per State’s provided data, “there are 23,313,762 children currently studying in government aided and unaided schools in Maharashtra. Out of these, 1,955,515 (8 percent) children do not have Aadhar cards. Of the remaining 21,358,247 children who have Aadhaar enrolment, 4,001,250 (18 percent) do not have a valid Aadhar card.”

Officials from the State education department said that Aadhaar is not mandated to get admission in Government aided schools, but to avail of the facilities, a student is required to have a valid Aadhaar registration.

“The Mid-Day Meal scheme is a school meal program in India designed to improve the nutritional standing of school-age children nationwide. The program supplies free lunches on working days for children. And, this has been a major factor for enrolment in schools, especially in rural or tribal dominated areas,” mentioned Wion.

This decision of the state government to link the Mid-Day meal scheme with aadhaar is going to result in several major changes in the state education system. Majorly it will affect the job calculations of teachers who were required to manage this scheme and be responsible to discipline it. On the other hand, students who do not have a valid aadhaar may not be able to avail of the schooling benefits like mid-day meals and provision of uniforms, etc from January 2023.

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“During the verification process, we found out that close to 1.9 million students do not have an Aadhar card. There are mistakes in particulars such as name, date of birth or gender, etc on invalid Aadhaar cards. We have now given teachers a deadline to get this fixed before December 20 this year so that every child can avail of school benefits,” an official statement

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