Not To Share Aadhaar OTP With Anyone, Government Warns

The Government of India has warned everyone not to share Aadhaar OTP with anyone and always keep their personal card details in check. Aadhaar Card contains a unique 12-digit number which provides a unique identity to every citizen. A person requires this document when“opening your account in a bank, sourcing benefits from social service schemes, applying for a job to almost every official dealing with government and private entities.”

Not To Share Aadhaar OTP With Anyone, Government Warns

Government Says Not To Share Aadhaar OTP and Details

The Government agency UIDAI is responsible for enrolling, issuing and managing the Aadhaar and also ensures the “security and confidentiality of the information of the Aadhaar card holders.”

But it is also the responsibility of every individual to ensure not to disclose any of your Aadhaar details to anyone. Negligence should be avoided at all times by the citizens because of which their personal details can get exposed. Into the wrong hands. “ To ensure keeping the fraudsters away and keeping your Aadhaar more secure, the UIDAI has shared some tips to the users to create greater awareness around this important ID.”

Here Are The Aadhaar Card Safety Tips:

  • UIDAI always says, “that you’ll never receive a call, SMS, or email from the agency asking for your Aadhaar OTP. Aadhaar OTP is a simple yet powerful tool to use Aadhaar authentication from anywhere. You should use it yourself and not involve anyone else.”
  • Please make sure to delete every file related to Aadhaar or any other sensitive document if you have downloaded or accessed it on any other device than yours.
  • Aadhaar Card holders can lock their Aadhaars if they come to know about any type of misuse or fraud. Plus, they can unlock the card whenever they want. You can perform this action through the Aadhaar App by entering the VID number.

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  • UIDAI says, “always keep your mobile number updated in Aadhaar. If you have any doubt about whether your correct mobile number or email has been linked with Aadhaar. This will help to keep the fraudsters away.”
  • “In case you face any problem, then you can contact the toll-free number at 1947 or email at [email protected].”

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