Now Edit Sent WhatsApp Messages on iPhone, Feature Has Arrived

Recently, WhatsApp released a very popular feature called Edit Sent Messages, which was in high demand. With this feature, users can correct their mistakes by editing their sent messages in a 15-minute time frame. Until now users are able to delete the entire message to correct any typing error. But now any error can be rectified by editing sent messages. This feature will be out for every device powered by Android or iOS very soon. However, don’t forget the limit of 15 minutes. You can only edit sent messages within 15 minutes.

Now Edit Sent WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

WhatsApp Announced the Arrival of Edit Message Feature for iOS

“From correcting a simple misspelling to adding extra context to a message, we’re excited to bring you more control over your chats. All you need to do is long-press on a sent message and choose ‘Edit’ from the menu for up to fifteen minutes after,” mentioned WhatsApp in its official blog post.

How to Edit Sent WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp version 23.10.77 has released the ‘Edit Message’ ability for iPhone or iOS devices. So the users can visit their dedicated App Store to update their WhatsApp.

Follow these steps to use this feature:

  • To edit a message, simply select it, press and hold. This action will highlight the message and present a contextual menu.
  • Now tap on the ‘Edit’ option mentioned in the menu.
  • On an Android device, you can find the menu icon consisting of three dots positioned at the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on this icon to access the menu.
  • After selecting the message, you will be directed to a text field where you can modify the content. Simply type the desired new message in the provided text field.
  • After making the required edits to your message, tap the green checkmark button positioned beside the text box. This action will save your edited message.

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“According to WhatsApp, when a message is edited, it will be labelled as “edited.” This labelling ensures that both the sender and receiver are informed about any corrections made to the original message. WhatsApp emphasizes that, like personal messages, media, and calls, both the original messages and edits are safeguarded by end-to-end encryption.”

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