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Now This Indian State Bans ‘Chewing Gum’ As Banning Things Becomes A New Normal

After the Karnataka government banned 2 and 4 wheelers its time for chewing gum next. As ‘banning things’ has become a normal amidst the COVID-19 outbreak states are doing literally everything. On Wednesday the state of Haryana took this step.

Haryana food and drug administration department on Wednesday banned the sale and use of chewing and bubble gum. The step was taken as a measure to prevent COVID-19‘s spread. The ban would be effective in the state until June 30. As per the order, the coronavirus disease is transmitted through droplets. Thus, there is a possibility that chewing gum could carry and spread the virus.

Chewing Gum Ban

The order is issued under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. “It is a precautionary step to avoid transmission of coronavirus by a symptomatic patient through any of these items. People have the habit of spitting in front of others, which has to be avoided. To keep the situation under control at least for some time the prohibition has been imposed“, said a district officer of the department.

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The state food department is also looking to ban gutka (chewing tobacco) and pan masala for a year. A similar step was taken last year by the state. However, that was due to the harmful effects of their consumption.

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