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New York Times Referred Pulwama Attack As An Explosion (Accident)! Twitter Is Furious, Are You?

Indian Twitter users are furious because of the publishing error made by New York Times.

The New York Times is an American newspaper based company in New York City. It has users all over the world and with its worldwide influence, they are bound to cover all the things that are happening across the globe.

14 February 2019 Pulwama attack is one of those recent topics that has been discussed all over the world. It was yet another terrorist attack that ended up hurting humanity. This time the attack was made on India by the terrorist group of Jaish-e-Mohamad.

New York Times error

New york times error

On Monday, the New York Times posted a tweet covering the topics- India’s upcoming election, Modi’s campaign, and the Pulwama terrorist attack. But, they made a couple of publishing errors that have made Indian Twitter users lose their minds for the right reasons.

In the tweet, the newspaper company (NYT) has mentioned that explosion in Kashmir has saved the Modi from losing the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

However, on closer inspection, netizens found that the company actually made two publishing errors. First, was a minor spelling mistake in the name of our present PM Narendra Modi. As they spelled it as “Narandra.”

Though, the next one was a heavy mistake, in which they referred to the Pulwama terrorist attack an “explosion’. Indian Twitter users are furious and asking why they didn’t refer to 9/11 as a simple “plane crash,” instead of calling it a terrorist attack.

This has hurt the sentiments of Indians, as India lost their 40 brave CRPF soldiers in that cowardly terrorist attack. And why not, that’s the truth after all.

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Did NYT correct its mistake?

The question, to begin with, is how could they make such a mistake in the first place?

The 9/11 attacks attracted the same emotional reaction from everyone who came across the news of devastating terrorist attacks. So, how could NYT stoop so low and end up calling Pulwama attacks an explosion?

Thankfully, Twitter is a powerful platform and before NYT’s errors could create any more chaos, they realized what they have done.

New York Times error in their headlines was changed by publication and they fixed it. Now the headline reads, “In India’s Election Season, a Bombing Interrupts Modi’s Slump.”

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Still, you should read the reaction of Indian users

In Conclusion:

New York Times error might be a genuine mistake but netizens are debating over how a terrorist attack can be called an explosion. After all, every country in the world is facing the same problem and every person shares the same hatred towards terrorism. It’s just sad to see that a major publication house ended up being so casual with such a sensitive topic.

New York Times error of calling it just an explosion (an accident) portrays their insensitivity.

What do you think, was this really a mistake? 

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