NZ PM Jacinda Ardern Wants Companies To Consider 4-Day Work Week To Boost Tourism In The Country

New Zealand is returning to normal after the lockdown was lifted in the country. And now the important thing to do for the PM Jacinda Ardern is to revive the economy that has taken a toll due to the lockdown and the government has put forward several plans to boost the same.

Source – Reuters

The government in a proposal has suggested some unique measures, including a four-day working week to allow people to travel more that would eventually strengthen the economy of the country. Arden also said that the step would help the employees address persistent work/life balance issues. 

Source – Gold Coast Bulletin

PM said in a Facebook live video that people have also suggested more public holidays to boost domestic tourism until the country isn’t allowing international tourism.

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Although the decision to implement the four-day working week rest in the hands of employees and employers. But she says that one can consider the same as COVID-19 has made people more flexible with working hours.

Source – Aneta Foubíková, Unsplash

“I’d really encourage people to think about that if you’re an employer and in a position to do so. To think about if that’s something that would work for your workplace because it certainly would help tourism all around the country,” Ardern said during her Facebook live. 

Source – Aaron Birch

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We wonder if Indians would ever consider such a thing. Hmmm.

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