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What The Flick! This Model Performed Obscene Dance In A Temple For Publicity

Everyone seems to be in a competition for becoming famous these days.

Someone tries to click that unbelievable selfie on Burj Khalifa, some jump off a moving train and record it, some perform stunts and some people showcase their talents and post it online. Sounds fair enough, right?

But then there is a species of mankind that chooses to believe that there are other ‘cheap’ ways to gain publicity. One such personality was spotted in the holy Shiv temple of Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain.

A model named ‘Nandini’ thought it would be super cool to perform a vulgar dance in the temple premises. And not just that, she proudly posted them on her Instagram account. In the video, she can be seen wearing a cream colored saree and performing a dance on the latest Bollywood numbers.  (like seriously, girl?)

obscene dance in temple

The loud makeup on her face definitely complemented the cheap performance.

obscene dance in temple

And within a matter of hours, the video spread like wildfire. No wonder, that just like our own ‘Rakhi Sawant‘, she indeed got a lot of views, but no one admired her for her dance or her moves.

obscene dance in temple

The only reaction she got was confined to ‘cheap and obscene dance in the temple’, ‘vulgar dance inside temple premises’ etc. Rest of the comments went on with adjectives like -‘gross’, ‘stupid act’, cheap way to get publicity’ and so on.

Check out the video and see for yourself. (What was she thinking while making this video? (Just saying)


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What about the temple authorities?

Apparently, the temple authorities were not aware until this model posted it online. And when they did come to know about it, obviously they were furious. The village council and the temple authorities have already raised strong concerns which related to posting vulgar dance from inside the temple premises. It has also questioned the fact that how was she using the mobile phone inside the temple which is prohibited.

What did they do next?

The temple authorities contacted the collector and higher officials demanding strict action to be taken against the aforementioned model. Without delay, the collector of Ujjain sent a notice to the model and has demanded answers about the whole scenario.

ViralBake Telegram

On the other hand, the accused model has removed the video and photos from her account. Moreover, there are speculations that she might even get arrested for breaching the security of the temple.

Seems like the model is going to be so much trouble. And for what? Just a few days of cheap publicity?

In Conclusion:

The question is why are young and educated people so eager to make such vulgar videos and becoming a part of the ‘Dolly Bindra’ league? Has genuine talent and skill vanished from the face of the earth that every other person in the race of being famous using all the infamous methods?

What do you think? Is this the right way to attract attention? Let us know in the comments section. 

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