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Perks Of Having An Office BFF (Because What Happens In Office Is Discussed With Bro-ffice)

Where do you spend most of your life?

In the office, right?

Imagine you have to encounter the insufferable pain of deadlines, pressures, office politics, workload, and Monday blues without anybody to share it with.

Horribly frightening, isn’t it?

When motivators talk about having a positive environment in the office, they talk about work culture, benefits, and other blah blah!! But they forget to mention the thing which makes it bearable for us day in and day out.

That you ABSOLUTELY need an office BFF to survive the tornadoes hurled at you.

A glimpse of what all you can share with your Office BFF in crime:

1) She saves you with lies every time you are late for office

hera pheri dhoti gif

You are late again and your boss is screaming at you. You are trying to come up with an excuse but then your BFF steps in and saves your ass by framing a total lie on your behalf.

2) The Bathroom Buddies

girls in loo gif

The shady bathroom visits are a cover up to rant about your boss, new colleague, your maid or even your boyfriend. To gossip and flush the hateful feelings. Just make sure your boss isn’t inside one of those bathrooms listening to everything. Lolz.

3) To share that 100th cup of “chai”

office bff drinking tea gif

No matter how happy and content or pressured and overworked you are, that one more cup of tea with your BFF makes it all go away for a while.

4) Talking about the favorite Netflix series

bff gif

Sometimes your BFF shares your fetishes. Like watching thrillers on Netflix. What could be better than that, right?

5) You have secret one-line conversations to understand the whole scenario

angry girl gif

Those words describing the whole situation make them your secret weapons. No one has an ounce of an idea what you guys are up to and you enjoy every bit of it.

6) Sharing that late night pizza and the 100th horror movie together in office under the disguise of a late night deadline.

discussing girls gif

Ok, so the boss left you in the office with a deadline on a Friday night and you are fuming. That’s where BFF comes in, with hot pizza and that movie you have been postponing watching thanks to the busy schedules.

Now, whether the deadlines are met or not, you have your fun night covered.

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7) I will only eat lunch with you

waiting gif

The clock strikes one and there you go storming out of your cubicle to grab your daily lunch seat where you both like to eat together. You even starve yourself until she is free to accompany you.

8) Everybody asks you her whereabouts

blaming gif

People approach you for info regarding her or work related to her. So, much so that it begins to annoy you. They even mistake you for each other.

9) You feel dead inside if she is absent for even one day

crying gif

That day moves like a lazy turtle and you can’t wait for it to be over. Meanwhile, you do call her from time to time to give her an earful for betraying you like this.

10) Sharing the bond of a mutual dislike for someone

hating together gif

Surprisingly you both dislike the same people and bond over it in the cafeteria.

11) You have thousands of inside jokes you keep laughing at the whole day

embarrassed girls

You go to each other’s cubicle to borrow pens, pencils, erasers, scales, even the entire geometry box sometimes. Basically, all the useless stuff to just talk 😉

12) You keep whatsapping sitting right next to each other

office texting

There are ten thousand things you want to talk about every day with your office BFF and sitting right next to them isn’t enough. You chat over the cute guy in office or the girl who colored her hair too red and now looks like a fireball.

13) You know each other’s dirty little secrets

laughing girls

You love slurping all the tomato ketchup and she likes to burst her annoying neighbor’s car’s tires. Whatever it is, only you both are privy to that exclusive knowledge.

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14) You have hidden nicknames for people in office who annoy you

bitches gif

From your boss to your colleagues and even the hot guy in the sales team, all have their own designated names which you use, so no one knows who you are talking about.

15) Gossiping never stops

gossiping girls gif

No matter how much time you spend together in the office, the gossips are never-ending. So, you extend them over the phone while traveling in a metro or washing in the bathroom and at the dinner table, where your husband stares you in disbelief.

16) You take each other’s side even if you know they are wrong

girls gif

Nope, it doesn’t matter if she started the fight, you will be with her till the end of it and have her back.

Isn’t a BFF a complete office survival kit?

I bet you feel drained of life whenever your office BFF doesn’t make it to work. After all, with so much stress at workplace, you do need someone as your stress buster, right? So folks, raise your hands in the glory of Almighty who blessed thy tormented soul with an office BFF.

And now, you can get back to sharing those juicy gossips over the cuppa chai. Shoo…

Psst…Don’t forget to tell us what else you share exclusively with your Bff?


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