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Google Is Removing “OK Google” Feature From Its Smartphones Because Of A Security Breach

Do you use the Google assistant feature, “Ok Google” on your phone? Well, I use it all the time, from extending my alarm to making a phone call with the help of just a voice command. I use Google assistant far more often.

You can agree that this is one of those features that has made Google-based Android smartphones everyone’s first choice. I know there are few are loyal to Apple devices, but unlike an iOS phone, an Android phone is far more customizable and that’s what makes it more loveable.

People like to personalize their things, and Android phones let their user do the same. It allows their user to customize the phone according to their usage. But Google might soon disable its “Ok Google” screen unlock feature.

Google will disable “Ok Google” screen unlock feature

Google Assistant

Last year in October, Google silently disabled Ok Google screen unlock feature from all the Pixel 3 devices. As it possessed the security risk that might let others get inside your phone without your permission.

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Knowing the potential security threat, Google has started to pull off this feature from all the Android smartphones across the world. Google has already started to make this change and with the latest Google app update (v9.27), the feature of, “Unlock with Voice Match” has been removed from the Moto Z and Pixel XL.

The company will make this change by releasing OTA (over the air) security updates across the world. After that, a user won’t be able to use the voice commands to unlock their phone.

Why are they doing so?

Google Assistant

Unlike fingerprints and face unlock features, these voice commands are quite easy to replicate. Which makes it vulnerable and lets others get illegal access to your phone.

Even now, if you go to your device setting and try to activate this “unlock my phone with voice command” feature. It will give you a warning, that reads, “A similar voice or recording can also access your assistant.”

Voice recognization is not that secure, anyone can easily manipulate the technology to get bypass the security layer of your phone. Although, the feature will soon get disabled automatically from your phone. However, in case you are already using this feature on your phone, disabling it will be a good idea.

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What Should you do

Apart from allowing users to use Google assistant with their locked screen, all the other features still work the same. Your personalised suggestions, traffic updates, match feeds, etc are still working the same. So, don’t worry, this change is for the good.

After all, you don’t want anyone to give free access to your phone, do you?

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