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Hey, It’s OK To Have Negative Thoughts. You Aren’t A Psycho

Do you get negative thoughts? Thoughts that you can’t share with anyone?

Thoughts that scare you and make you feel disgusted about yourself? If yes, let me tell you, there’s nothing to be worried about. And no, you are not a psychopath. Nor you are going to turn into a sadistic killer.

Every single person on this earth gets them. I am not kidding. You can google it if you wish. And today you will find out why is it absolutely OK to have negative thoughts and why you shouldn’t worry about it-

1. It’s a part of human functioning

brain functioning

As I said earlier, negative thoughts are pretty normal to cross your mind. It’s just like the way your skin feels cold when you touch the ice and you feel good when you sip on a hot coffee. You don’t need to think deeply about why you are feeling good or bad. Similarly, you don’t need to think why you are getting such thoughts in the first place. Let them be.

2. There’s nothing crucial about negative thoughts

It's OK To Have Negative Thoughts

When you have a positive thought, it’s actually a negative one in disguise. Say, you are happy that you got a girlfriend. It kind of hides a negative thought behind it, that you were miserable when you single. See, even your most happy thoughts can hold a lot of sadness and grief without you even knowing it. So, don’t bother if a negative one crosses your mind.

3. Misunderstood thoughts become negative

It's OK To Have Negative Thoughts

There is nothing such as negative thoughts. These thoughts are just the ones which are misunderstood by your silly brain. It’s actually you, who turns a simple thought into something that you deem as negative. So, all you need to do is not apply much emphasis on any thought and purposely make it negative because you don’t know what to do with it.

4. Negative thoughts are a part of your brain


Just like you have different parts that make you whole, thoughts are also just a tiny part of your brain. You are made of your body, soul, mind, and heart. So, if your brain comes up with something evil and nasty, just ignore it as you would ignore your heart’s advice on not chasing the one who’s out of your league. Basically, move on, its just a part of life.

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5. Your brain is a tool. Treat it the same way


You are not your brain. By that, I mean, you are not what goes inside your brain. You use your brain when you feel like and when you want to accept its advice when you want to. But you also say no to your brain or brush aside its advice and do what you wish. So, it’s OK to have negative thoughts. Its a component of your mind and not an organ you can’t control.

6. Reinstall the mind filter


Do you know, everything that comes in your mind actually is filtered by your own belief system? Well, now you do. All you need to do is change the filter, believe that you are in control. Don’t worry about every little thing that crosses your mind. Believe that its OK to have negative thoughts after every now and then. Just chill and believe in yourself.

7. Treat them like a person


I know, it sounds crazy. But what do you do when a cousin annoys you about something? You ignore them, right? Just do the same with negative thoughts. When you think negative about a situation, just say to yourself that you are fine with it, but your brain isn’t. Treat your brain like that aunt whom you hate the most and ignore its advice, on its face.

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8. Only negative people get such thoughts


Oh no, no. You are wrong if you think that only negative people get negative thoughts. Anyone can have such thoughts, just like anyone can feel cold. It’s upon you to get over it and walk forward. It’s you who has to decide if these thoughts hold value to you or not. If it isn’t worthy in your eyes, just forget about it and move on. Nothing is holding you back.

9. Talk to your thoughts


When you talk to your negative thoughts, you accept that you are having one. This allows your brain to accept the reality and then you get the chance to decide whether you should pay any heed to it or just make it disappear. But first, you need to accept that its OK to have negative thoughts. So, talk to them and dump them like you did your ex.

10. Replace them with whatever you feel like


First of all, you should get this thing clear in your mind that no one is forcing you to replace negative thoughts with good ones. It’s just an option. If you want to, you can think of something positive. If not, just let the negative thought be. You can think of a good or funny thing, but it’s not an obligation that evil should always be replaced by good.

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In Conclusion:

The point is, you shouldn’t get worried if you get negative thoughts. All you need to do is ‘not pay extra attention to it’. The next time a negative thought crosses your mind, just talk to it like they show in cartoons.

Pretend that the thought is coming from a smaller evil version of you, who has horns and a red tail. The moment you start taking these thoughts lightly, you’ll put yourself in a much stress-free mode.

Eventually, you will feel just fine. So, take a chill pill, it’s OK to have negative thoughts!

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