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Ola Blacklisted Driver For Harassing A Female Passenger In Bangalore

Ola blacklisted driver after a female passenger accused him of harassing her during the ride.

Recently, a woman named Akansha Haszari shared a horrifying story of her Ola ride on Twitter. She described it as one of the scariest rides of her life. Thankfully, Ola blacklisted driver for what he did and the lady is also safe.

What was in the tweet?

The incident occurred on 10th December, when Akansha boarded an Ola cab from Banglore airport around 11:30. Everything was fine until the driver suddenly switched to a different route.

As the driver had refused to take the designated route, Akansha started to feel uneasy right away. When she asked him to turn back and follow the original route, he told her that, he doesn’t have money to pay the toll and this new route will help to bypass the toll.

Read what her tweet says:

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Inhumane Behaviour of the Driver

It was around midnight and the new route was narrow and unlit, as described by Akansha. When she again asked him to turn back, the driver aggressively told her to get out of her car. She protested as the roads were unlit and there were only a few men wandering in the dark, which was not safe at all.

As the driver was not portraying any good behavior, Akansha pressed the Ola panic button. She then received a call from Ola security executive officer who asked her to stay calm as her cab is being tracked and in case they’ll find it making an unusual move, they’ll call her back.

Akansha said she believed what the security executive officer told her and calmly continued in the same ride. Though, her ride was still not complete. And the intentions of this wicked driver were still unclear.

Soon after she spoke to the security executive, the driver started making phone calls. It further terrified her to the core and yet again she started feeling unsafe.

She did what was right

Akansha politely asked the driver not to make calls while driving, but the driver didn’t seem to care. He continued making calls in the middle of the night and as he was talking in Kannada, Akansha couldn’t understand anything.

Things took a further bad turn when he stopped the car in an isolated spot and continued talking on his phone. At this moment she completely freaked out and started to press the panic button again and again. She pressed the button 10 times but didn’t get any response for a long time.

Somehow, she again called the customer service support team who assigned a new security executive to her. Then, he talked to the driver and stayed on the speakerphone through the journey to make her feel little safe.

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How did Ola react to this?

Ola blacklisted driver from their platform and kicked him out. They said that they are sorry for the horrible journey Akansha had to bear. Customer priority is very important for them, that’s why they are making all the possible attempts to make the rides safe and happy for all the customers. They already have features like a panic button, in-app emergency button and ola guardians for the rider’s safety.

But it’s not something that they can do alone. That’s why they have appealed to the police department to help them in any way to make the ride of their customers safe.

This news has gone viral and after Akansha’s tweet, even the Bangalore police department contacted her. They have asked her to provide all the information related to the driver, his car and his action.

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In Conclusion:

Ola blacklisted driver for harassing the passenger, luckily, without any harm being done to the lady. Though, we can completely understand the uneasiness Akansha had to face during her ride. We can’t say that it’s completely Ola’s mistake, the only one who is guilty here, is the driver.

Thanks to technology, authorities heard her and took required actions.

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