One Street Artist Is Transforming The Way We Look At Street

It is boring to walk on pavements on streets and who cares about making it interesting at any cost? But this is not the case with a Michigan based street artists David Zinn. He lives in Ann Arbor and people know him for chalk characters that he draws on streets of Michigan. He has more than 600k followers on Instagram and more than 27k on Twitter. He draws adorable characters that blend in with the background. No matter how purely they get blended but you can’t get past the street without catching the details.

David Zinn told Bored Panda that, “The honest truth about my art is that I am inspired by the absence of perfection as a possibility: between the irregularities of the stained concrete and the limited hours of available daylight outdoors, perfection is blessedly not an option. Instead, there is just the lunatic joy of finding the most satisfying option that exists within those limitations.”

Zinn is known all over the world for his temporary street drawing that he makes with a box of sidewalk chalk. He improvises the art on the location where he is sketching and uses the process of ‘anamorphic pareidolia’. He has made artworks not only on sidewalks of Michigan but also in Sweden, Taiwan and New York.

His most famous character is called Sluggo and Philomena. Sluggo is a green monster that has stalk eyes and Philomena is a phlegmatic pig. He makes art as per the size of the sidewalk and walls. Let’s look at some of amazing works by David Zinn.

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Hope you loved these tiny chalk characters. They have the power to brighten up your day in a minute. Isn’t it? I am crazy for his art and I keep checking for new posts.

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