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Online Rummy Games Are Garnering A Huge Market In India And Here’s Why You Must Try Them Too

    Cup your hand against the forehead to find someone who loves playing rummy and I’m pretty sure you don’t have to look far enough. Ever since the dawn of time, rummy and its multiple variations have been popular among Indians and there is no backing down even in the 21st century. Instead, with time, there has been a considerable boost in the numbers of people who find rummy a great source of leisure and earning some side cash. 

    However, as this constant part of Indian culture has garnered momentum, so has our life. And the change that followed is the arrival of Online Rummy taking over offline goods of the vintage game.  

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    You must have bumped into online rummy at least once in your lifetime or might have heard of it. And if not and wondering what is so special about these games that people can’t stop buzzing about them? Then here are all the reasons you need to know about. 

    1. A mashup of tradition with the goods of tech

    If you got the internet, you got yourself a small little world inside your pocket. And that world makes accessing things a way lot easier and rummy games are no exception. Be it midnight or loo time, if online, you are invariably going to find someone to play with on these platforms. Besides basic playing, these games come tucked with various tournaments and lucrative offers that make them more competitive and profitable for your pocket. 

    Source – The Bridge

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    2. Multiple game modes

    You might be the master of the art and rummy games respect that. Thus they bring you numerous game modes. These games modes include variants like – 10-card rummy, 13-card rummy, gin rummy, 21-card rummy, points rummy, pool rummy, etc. Playing your favourite mode increases the chances of your winning real cash too.

    3. Learn via tutorials

    Don’t know to play rummy or a specific game mode? Well, the internet has always been a teacher. You got tutorials you can get hooked to before you get on the ground and deal with freshly laid cards. And trust me, these tutorials are quite informative just because the makers want you to play their game. 

    Source – Rummy Culture

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    4. Dope security!! 

    Many people pull back for adapting to online rummy just because they are scared of security woes. But if you will ask people who have been playing these games or just read their reviews about an app then you would know how safe they are for the users. These apps are guarded well with the best antivirus so you only have to worry about finding time for the next round.

    Source – YouTube

    5. Win cash? Well, yeah!! 

    Earning as you play? Dream of many. And hopefully, rummy lets you live that dream. Besides basic game modes that can win you cash, these games also run multiple tournaments that allow users to win real cash with the safety of withdrawal via known wallet support from companies like Paytm. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

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    I guess those are enough reasons to inspire you to get hooked to online rummy today. 

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