Only A Fraction of Indians Own Passport, Read Major Mistakes People Make

Only a fraction of the Indian population, around 7.2 per cent, owns a passport, as the data released by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) show. Day by day the number of passport applications numbers is increasing drastically. But the number of application rejections has also been high. It’s not surprising that hundreds of applications get rejected weekly. Because the policy to issue a passport is very rigid and only in recent years it has been a little bit easy to get approval. So, what are the mistakes people are making while applying for a passport in India?

Read Major Mistakes People Make While Applying For A Passport

8 Most Common Mistakes People Make While Applying For a Passport:

Mistakes, Incorrect or Wrong Information on the Form

It’s a headache when a passport with the wrong name is issued to an applicant. In this case, he or she needs to re-apply for a passport and repeat the whole registration process. The authority re-issues the passport and the process becomes very hasty. So, make sure to fill in the information correctly with accurately filled information.

Ignoring Emigration Check

If a person has passed Xth grade then he or she is required to go through an emigration check. Most people ignore this and do not check the ECNR or Emigration Check Not Required. Moreover, for instance, if you got the passport without having this option checked then you may be stopped at the airport if travelling abroad like in Malaysia, Thailand or UAE.

Documents Missing

A very common but harmful mistake people make while applying for a passport is a missing document out of the many that are essential’ or worse submitting an unaccepted document. For example- an aadhaar card with only a year of birth not a complete date of birth.

Pending Dues

While submitting your bills as any type of document proof you should consider paying all the dues. Pending dues will not only have a negative effect in terms of your financial status but it will also get your application rejected.

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Signature Correctly

The signature of a person is never the same, they vary each time a person signs. But in some cases, people often forget about their original signs and due to signature mismatch the passport application gets rejected. Remember the signatures are fed into our muscle memory, but even an extra dot or miswritten character can get your application rejected in the Signature test.

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